Liv Tyler Reveals The Celebrity Godfather Of Her Children

The inner worlds of celebrities are always fascinating, especially when it turns out they are friends with people you never would have imagined them to be close with. When Liv Tyler posted a pic on Instagram revealing the godfather of her two kids, everyone was a little shocked. Tyler has two kids with longtime partner David Gardner, daughter Lula and son Sailer. Per People, their extended family also includes Tyler’s son Milo, whom she shares with Royston Langdon of Spacehog fame, and Gardner’s son Grey, who he shares with ex Davinia Taylor. 

Gardner and Tyler are reportedly engaged but haven’t actually tied the knot yet. Tyler told Tatler in 2019 that she doesn’t think it’s necessary. “I love being engaged, but I don’t really have a desire to get married. I always felt like marriage should be more of a reward … For surviving your relationship … I feel everyone’s got it backwards.” Tyler, who made the move to London in 2018, told The Kit, “We’re a bit like the Brady Bunch.” 

And that includes a very famous godparent for her and Gardner’s two kids.

You'd never guess that these two are in the same social circle

In April 2021, Liv Tyler shared a pic of her kids in David Beckham’s arms on Instagram after an Inter Miami soccer game. She captioned it, “Congratulations to our sweet godfather @davidbeckham for your 1st @intermiamicf win!!! We are so so proud of you !!!!” She also tagged her husband, David Gardner, who just so happens to be Beckham’s manager. 

But Beckham isn’t just one of the entertainment and sports manager’s clients — the two have known each other since they were kids. Tyler told the Mirror in 2019 that they live right around the corner from each other in Notting Hill. “David and David work together, so they see each other every day — we spent New Year’s with them and the fireworks were really sweet. We had a beautiful time,” she said at the time. 

While Tyler is an A-list celebrity in the States, it’s Gardner — who actually used to play soccer before pivoting to management — who seems to have all the connects in London. Per the Mirror, it was actually Tyler’s longtime friend Kate Moss who introduced the two lovebirds, bringing their social circle into a full loop. They were also guests at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. “Princess Eugenie is David’s friend. It was super interesting for me to be there, and the church was amazing,” Tyler told the outlet. 

It sounds like Tyler’s got a great group of friends around her now that she’s an honorary Londoner. 

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