Linda Robson panics after letting slip friend's partner might be cheating

Linda Robson accidentally revealed she saw a friend’s partner having dinner with ‘another lady’.

The Loose Women panellists were discussing blabbing secrets – whether it be with show casting or pregnancy news – and Linda gave a little too much information on a potential affair.

It’s going to be an interesting conversation considering her friend doesn’t know about the situation – yet.

‘There was one really hard thing. I saw a friend of mine’s partner at Hampstead one day having a bite to eat with another lady,’ she began.

‘I didn’t tell her because I thought, “Maybe it’s innocent, maybe they just bumped into each other and they’re just having a cup of coffee.” He saw me looking, so I don’t know if he went home and said, “Oh, I saw Linda today.”‘

Linda continued: ‘But I thought, she hasn’t said… Oh sugar – take that out.’

The 62-year-old realised her mistake and turned beetroot red before her co-stars Christine Lampard and Stacey Solomon burst out laughing.

Covering her tracks, she panicked and appeared to make up another name: ‘His name’s Gregory, and Gregory didn’t mention this to her…’

The perfect time to reveal a secret is exactly when you’re discussing blabbermouths.

Loose Women returned to our screens earlier this month after the lunchtime favourite was taken off-air and replaced with repeats during the coronavirus lockdown.

For the foreseeable future, just three panellists will be allowed in the studio with another Loose Woman joining in via Zoom. 

Loose Women airs week days at 12.30pm on ITV.

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