Lily Allen reveals she snogged Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe while married to husband Sam Cooper

Unleashing her poison pen in her new autobiography, she tells how she kissed US actress Zoe Kravitz during a mad night of partying.

She wrote: “For my New York shows, Zoe Kravitz and her band Lolawolf supported me, so I got to know Zoe a bit. We became friends.

“Later in the tour, when we were in Washington, the girls and their nanny, Jess, came out to visit me for a few days, but I had to go back to New York for a day or so for work.

“Zoe and I went out partying and ended up kissing.

"I heard that later that same night she’d got down with A$AP Rocky.

"Go girl, I thought.”

She also confesses to romping with married Liam Gallagher in the book, and claims she almost got it on with Orlando Bloom at a Halloween party four years ago.

Recalling the bash, she wrote: “Orlando was famous long before I was, and when I first got to know him I think he felt protective of me.

"But, not any more, he didn’t.

“He’s a flirt, Orlando. He knew I was up for it at that party.

"He was, too.”

They didn’t end up getting together because she was so drunk she knocked herself out.

He certainly dodged a bullet there.

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