Law and Order SVU: Why did Stephanie March leave as ADA Alexandra Cabot?

Law and Order: NBC teases SVU crossover

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Law and Order SVU may have started as a spin-off but while the original series was cancelled in 2010, the Special Victims Unit continues to go strong. NBC will start airing season 23 on Thursday, September 23, with the team working hard again to put criminals behind bars. There will be a special two-hour premiere, followed by the start of fellow spin-off Organised Crime season two.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Law and Order SVU. 

Why did Stephanie March leave Law and Order SVU as Alexandra Cabot? 

Actress Stephanie March was first welcomed to SVU at the beginning of season two in an episode called Wrong is Right.

She played Assistant District Attorney (ADA) Alexandra Cabot who firmly believed the system was the best way to get justice but ended up bending her morals from time to time.

Cabot featured in the drama for three seasons but made guest appearances in series six and 14 and was a recurring star in series 10 and 13.

There were numerous reasons as to why the ADA was continuously in and out of the office over the years.

In season five, episode four Loss, there was an assassination attempt on Cabot by a Colombian drug cartel.

She spent several years in Witness Protection and came out briefly to be a witness against her attempted murderer Liam Connors (Brian F. O’Byrne).

Cabot came out of the programme in 2009 and reprised her role at the SVU but then she went to participate in training in Albany to become an appeals executive assistant district attorney.

Then after being so affected by the testimony of a rape victim from the Congo, she decided to take a leave of absence to join an International Criminal Court prosecuting sex crimes in war-torn areas.

Cabot made on-and-off appearances for years and in 2018, it was revealed she retired as an ADA.

In Sunk Cost Fallacy, it is said after an abusive husband she tried to prosecute was acquitted and later murdered in his wife, she joined a secret organisation to help women in need get away from their husbands.

The organisation would arrange their disappearances so they could leave safely.

Actress March previously stated in an interview with TV Guide that she didn’t want to get “too comfortable” with Law and Order SVU.

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Explaining why she left the drama, March said:  “I want to be certain to emphasize that I have zero complaints about Law & Order.

“It was a fantastic work experience and I really miss the people quite a bit.

“But, you know, you get to a point where you feel like, as a character, you kind of said everything you can say.

“And then it becomes quite redundant. It was my first on-camera job after college.

“I got really lucky and I thought, I just have to do a couple of more things before I get too comfortable. Perhaps all I need is a long break.”

Since leaving SVU, March has been in various shows and films, according to her IMDB page.

She featured in Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie Mr and Mrs Smith, The Treatment, Grey’s Anatomy, Innocence and Who We Are Now.

Most recently, March has worked as a voiceover actress in the animated sitcom Solar Opposites as a Defence Attorney.

Law and Order SVU is available to watch on NBC.

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