Laura Hamilton in tears as A Place in the Sun buyer breaks down over offer ‘Means so much’

A Place in the Sun: Buyer emotional after offer accepted

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A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton was tasked with finding childhood sweethearts Jenn and Elliot their ideal holiday home on the Greek island of Crete on the Channel 4 programme. Half of the property would be owned by Elliot’s sister and he broke down in tears during a classic instalment of the property hunting show when an offer was accepted which caused Laura to also cry. 

With a budget of £100,000, the property expert had lined up five potential homes to show the couple who were planning on getting married in Crete. 

The first property they viewed included two double bedrooms, both with their own small balconies, and a shower room was also included in the home. 

As well as the landscaped gardens and pool, the Cretan home featured a communal barbecue area and a large private garden.

Inside was an open plan living space with a kitchen, dining area and a lounge.

During the search, Laura turned to Jenn and asked: “I guess you’ve chosen a [wedding] dress that’s going to keep you nice and cool?”

“Well, I can’t be revealing any of those details, can I?” Jenn replied, sticking to the tradition of keeping tight-lipped about the dress in front of the groom.

“No, of course, you can’t,” Laura remarked, realising her error.

Another property they looked at was a six-minute drive from the coast and it was on the market for £104,500. 

Elliot said after viewing the fourth property: “This one is top of the pack in terms of the property. 

“I tend to be quite logical about decisions to the point but there are occasions where the heart rules the head.”

The final home was a beachside townhouse which was on the market for £108,000. It included two spacious bedrooms, a shower room and a patio terrace. 

While the couple liked the upstairs of the house, they were not blown away by the living area. 

After viewing all five properties Jenn told Laura the fourth home they looked at was on her mind. 

Elliot added: “Number one is on our minds but there is definitely a lot of work needed to get it to where we want it to be. 

The couple had to take into account the thoughts of Elliot’s sister, who was also part of the purchase.

Property one ended up being the best fit and provided amenities for Elliot’s sister’s young child.

Their opening bid for the property was £83,000 and to their surprise, it was accepted. 

As Elliot started crying, Laura did too, adding: “You’re getting emotional and I am getting emotional.”

“It means so much, it’s money that came through from family members who have passed away and it is something me and my sister enjoyed so much as well,” Elliot explained. 

“I better get a tissue,” a tearful Laura told the couple who embraced during the emotional moment. 

A Place in the Sun airs on weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4. 

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