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'Late Show' Melania Trump Confuses Colbert Even More While Trying to Make Sense of Contradictory ABC News Interview

Laura Benanti’s impersonation of the first lady never fails to make us laugh, and she almost made Colbert lose it this time, too.

Stephen Colbert welcomed "Late Show" Melania Trump back to his show on Tuesday night to make even less sense of the first lady’s contradictory statements from last week’s ABC News interview.

Melania, perfectly parodied by Laura Benanti, reflected on that "i really don’t care, do u?" jacket, which the White House initially said was not meant to be any kind of statement, then the first lady told reporter Tom Llamas it was "for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticizing me."

So Colbert had to ask: "In the interview you said it was an intentional message to the media."

"Absolutely, 100 percent," Melania answered.

"Okay, but last week you also specifically told the media to stop focusing on what you wear."

"Absolutely, 100 percent," she answered, before clarifying, "It is simple. The media needs to stop paying attention to my clothes and instead pay attention to my words — unless my words are on my clothes, then pay attention to my words on my clothes and not the part of my clothes that are not my words. Are my words making sense or do you need me to write on some clothes for you? See, it’s all part of my campaign, ‘Be Dressed.’"

When Colbert pointed out she may be referencing her official White House initiative, the Be Best campaign, she retorted, "Be best? What the hell does that even mean?"

The CBS late-night host also pressed faux Melania on the first lady’s claims that she’s "not focused" on President Donald Trump’s alleged affairs with porn star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. That’s an answer you need to see in the video above to truly appreciate, because it even had Colbert struggling to keep his composure.

But if you’re just here for the bullet points, here are some other hilarious "Late Show" Melania Trump answers:

On Her African Safari Outfit:

"I’m just going to keep it on through Halloween. I’m going as the ghost of colonialism."

On Her Relationship with Her Husband Being Just ‘Fine’:

"That was from our vows, Stephen. They asked, ‘Do you take this man to be your husband?’ And I looked into Donald’s eyes and with all my heart I said, ‘Yeah, fine.’"

On Her Claim She’s One of the Most Bullied People in the World:

"Oh, it’s true Stephen. I have been called the worst names imaginable: Cold, heartless, Eric’s stepmother."

On Women Needing ‘Hard Evidence’ to Accuse Men of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in #MeToo Era:

"Absolutely. We can never believe without hard evidence. Take me for example. I say I support women, but where is the evidence?"

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