Kyra Sedgwick Opens Up About Becoming an Empty Nester: 'It's a Real Crushing Blow'

Kyra Sedgwick is an empty nester, both on and off-screen.

The actress, 55, plays a mom who recently became an empty nester in the new ABC sitcom, Call Your Mother. During a Tuesday interview promoting the show on Good Morning America, Sedgwick opened up about her own two kids leaving home years ago. 

"I think it's a real crushing blow, honestly, when they leave you," she said of daughter Sosie, 28, and son Travis, 31, whom she shares with husband Kevin Bacon. "It's the only job that you have that if you do it well, you get fired."

"As a mom, if you do your job well, your children leave you," she continued. "So it's weird and it's hard. I'm grateful to have adult children now, but I think initially it's like, 'Wait, what are you talking about? I birthed you and I took care of you your whole life and now you're leaving me!' It felt wrong."

In Call Your Mother, Sedgwick plays Jean, a mom who decides to fly to Los Angeles from her home in Iowa to check on her son Freddie (Joey Bragg) and daughter Jackie (Rachel Sennott) after Freddie doesn't answer his phone for four days.

"She gets a little bit concerned, so she gets on a plane and she goes to see them and her son is doing okay but her daughter — not so much," the star told GMA. "And then, through a series of events, she decides to stay."

"They learn a lot of things from each other," Sedgwick continued. "They annoy each other, but they also learn a lot of things from each other."

Sedgwick offered similar reflections in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly.

"Suddenly [your kids] move out, and you have to figure out who you are without them, but still have a relationship with them," she said. "Having them myself because you constantly have to remind yourself they're not children. It's a hard thing to unlearn."

She added that she's excited to be working on a comedy following her starring role in TNT's police drama The Closer, which aired its final season in 2012.

"The great thing about sitcoms is that you can present a problem, and then at the end of the episode, things are wrapped up," Sedgwick said. "That's what a sitcom is, and wouldn't it be great if life were like that."

The next episode of Call Your Mother airs Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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