Kourtney Kardashian gives FIRST look into season 2 of Hulu show after fans called for ‘boring’ series to be ‘canceled’ | The Sun

KOURTNEY Kardashian has given the first look into season two of Hulu's The Kardashians after fans called for the 'boring' series to be canceled.

Fans recently shared their theory as to why the Keeping Up With the Kardashians follow-up will soon be taken off the air.

Kourtney, 43, posted the inside look at the show's filming on her Instagram Story.

In the photo, the Poosh founder captures an image of her Star Waggon hair and makeup trailer on a studio lot.

Star Waggon trailers are a staple of any film production around Southern California.

Kourtney captioned the photo, "[big eyes emoji] @kardashianshulu".

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While it seems like the production on season two of the Hulu series has already begun many fans weren't too thrilled with the product that was the first season of the show.


Recently, some Kardashian fans have slammed the Hulu reality series as "boring" calling it "the worst show ever" and asking for it to be canceled after just one season.

The Kardashians hit TV screens after the famous family split with E! in 2021 with the series' first episode being released on April 14, 2022, on Hulu.

The Hulu original features Kourtney along with sisters Kim, 43, Khloe, 38, and mom Kris, 66, as well as younger siblings Kendall, 26, and Kylie Jenner, 24.

The last episode of the first season aired on June 15th, and fans were not happy.

Fans took to Reddit to air their grievances with the first season, and say it should be canceled.

One fan wrote, "I've been fast-forwarding through at least 1/3 of each episode."

"It's so dryyyyy," they continued.

Another wrote, "If they get a second season I’ll be astounded cause the first season sucked so much."

One fan complained the show spent too much time on Kim, saying, " I loved KUWTK, it was funny, unpredictable, light, and chaotic in the best way."

"This new show is just a long AD and campaign about how Kim is amazing. I'm so disappointed."

Several were in agreement that the show spent excessive time on Kim's appearance on SNL.

One fan wrote, "The SNL storyline being like 3 episodes long was too much…I don’t even think her own family cared that much to have it be THAT long."

Others feel like this season was just a warm-up of things to come.

"Expect more Pete, the Met Gala moment, the wedding, Khloé possibly moving on, Kylie being a mother of two, and Kendal just showing more of her personal life in Season 2," one fan predicted.


There will be a season two of The Kardashians after the family signed a multi-year deal with the streaming company which includes 40 episodes.

No word yet on when Season two will premiere.

According to Variety, the reality show paycheck is worth at least $100 million.

Momager Kris Jenner told the magazine the green deal was all the motivation the family needed to open their doors to cameras once more.

"Money always matters," Kris said when asked about rebooting the show. "I think that anybody would be foolish to say that money doesn’t matter anymore."


Fans recently shared their newest opinion on what they think will cause The Kardashians to be canceled.

One took to Reddit to claim that the show is too much "fluff," writing: "Does anyone feel like the new show is barely diving into anything? I feel with each episode I’m disappointed because nothing is happening.

They continued: "I know a lot of stuff is fabricated usually to make it interesting, and the old show delivered that, but that’s what made it fun to watch. With this new show, I always get to the end of the episode and feel like nothing happened.

"They drag out storylines across multiple episodes, like Kim’s SNL appearance did not need to be multiple episodes, but it was the basis of the first few ones. I was excited for the Hulu series and I like the style they’re using, but overall I’m disappointed," the user admitted.

Others raced to the comments to share their own theories regarding the poorly rated show.

"It’s truly nothing but a huge a** ad for them and the associates that come on the show," one person claimed.

"Yes, they are barely showing anything," a second agreed.

A third fan ranted: "THIS! I think you hit the nail on the head. They do not really have to try as hard as they did in the first few KUWTK seasons. They have all the money now and they do have a fanbase. I also feel that the Hulu show is really dragged out and not as fun as early KUWTK was."

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"Spot on," a fourth person put shortly, while another guessed: "I think they are running into storyline timing issues."

"It’s a big long weekly infomercial peddling their companies. And that’s it," a final complained.

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