Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie dead at 61 after 'suffering a drug overdose on her birthday'

KEYSHIA Cole's mother Frankie passed away on her birthday after overdosing on drugs during a party.

The BET star struggled with addiction for years, relapsing repeatedly during her journey towards sobriety.

Frankie passed away from a drug overdose on her 61st birthday this pastSunday during a party at her Oakland home, TMZ revealed.

She reportedly took drugs during the celebration, relapsing despite her several-decade-long struggle towards sobriety.

Keyshia's brother Sam told the outlet he had been checking in on his mother repeatedly in an attempt to help her stay clean.

Her battle with addiction was documented on several television programs including the series Keyshia Cole My New Life.

Sam also shared that he "wants the world to remember Frankie as someone who loved her kids and who wanted her children to be together," despite their difficult past.

Family Dynamic

Keyshia's parents, Frankie and Virgil Hunter gave her up for adoption at a very young age, and she was instead raised by family friends.

However, after she made it big in the music industry she reconnected with her mom, and they reconciled their relationship throughout the years.

Frankie guest-starred on Keyshia's BET shows where they shared several emotional moments as they rehabilitated their mother-daughter dynamic.

The R&B singer maintained a close watch on her mom during her addiction battle, making sure that she went to rehab and encouraging her to keep on a good path.

She even shared photos of Frankie while at a facility as she cheered on her successes in sobriety.

Journey to Sobriety

In March of 2020, the troubled addict reached a huge milestone of 60 days sober.

Keyshia was outwardly proud of her parent as she shared the exciting news on social media.

The singer has yet to comment on her mother's passing, though her sister Elite Noel and other family members have posted heartbreaking messages in Frankie's honor.

“Worse pain ever. To see my mama in a body bag on her birthday! My heart so fuckin broke," she wrote.

One of the TV star's grandchildren also shared a tribute, reading: “Happy birthday beautiful and rest in heaven.”

“D*** grandma Frankie the call I just got on your birthday. I was just Finna come see you this week I just talked to you happy birthday beautiful and rest in heaven," her niece Zayya Henderson gushed on social media.

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