Kelly Clarkson Jokes About 'The Voice' Promo Saying It Looks Like She Got a 'Boob Job'

The new season of The Voice is almost here. New photos of the coaches were released and Kelly Clarkson has something to say about her picture. Keep reading to find out a new look that had fans talking and what she had to say about her own photo.

Kelly Clarkson recently had a new look in a video for ‘The Voice’

A new video was recently released showing all three coaches giving newcomer, Nick Jonas advice. Blake Shelton advised him to use his favorite move of pointing at himself to get an artist to pick him. The country singer also told him to “Try not to lose.”

Clarkson gave him a heads up that Shelton lies a lot to get singers on his team. John Legend mentioned all of the other coaches blocked him on his first season so “Watch out for the block.”

One thing fans couldn’t stop from noticing is Clarkson’s new look. She wore pink and blue eye shadow. The coach also had shorter hair in the video.

A sneak peek shows Nick Jonas getting blocked

A sneak peek has been released of the new season. A singer named Nelson Cade III is performing for his blind audition and Legend is the first to turn his chair. Clarkson then follows and when Jonas tries to turn he gets blocked. Shelton is the last one to turn his chair.

Legend playfully asked Jonas if he turned knowing he was the one who blocked him. “We’ll talk later John,” said Jonas.

The rest of the coaches still don’t make things easy for the new coach. Legend sings his song, “Jealous” and Shelton makes fun of him for writing notes during the audition.

There are now promo photos being released. Clarkson had a few things to say about them.

She tweeted a new photo makes her look like she got a boob job

There are more promos being released for the new season. The show’s main Twitter account tweeted a picture of Clarkson wearing a blue dress with the caption, “The reigning champ is back and ready to WIN.” Clarkson couldn’t help but respond to it.

“I feel like this is what I would look like with a boob job I don’t know why my chest looks enormous in this pic but thank you to the Universe for this one ha! Finally! I also feel like all I need is a cape and then I’m ready to save some civilians y’all!” she tweeted.

Fans reacted to the picture. One person wrote, “It is old that @NBCTheVoice alters everyone’s body. Obviously they need to fit the standards. @xtina always said that.” Another person tweeted, “Your music, your voice, your songs and your personality that I love, all of this is your cape, and we are the civilians, you’re saving us.”

Clarkson also reacted to another promo photo. She responded to a picture of Shelton with “I would buy that cologne.”

The new season of The Voice starts Monday Feb. 24 on NBC.

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