Keira Knightley admits her 'world crashed' when she was 22 and she was close to quitting acting

The star, now 33, admits her world came crashing down 11 years ago and she almost changed careers.

The British star opened up in a revealing new interview with Balance Magazine.

At just 23, Keira had appeared in in over 20 movies, including adventure film King Arthur and romantic drama Pride & Prejudice – and she admits the workload took its toll.

She explained: "Looking back, that whole period between 19 and 23 is a big blur.

"I don’t remember it in a linear way because I think my coping mechanisms were kicking in and shutting a lot of it out.

"My world crashed when I was 22. Everything stopped working and I felt as if I was broken into tiny pieces; as if my brain was literally shattered."

She then took a break from Hollywood to travel the world and reassess her life.

She said: "I just took a year out, travelling around.

"There was a very big question mark over whether I was ever going to go back to work, but I’ve always loved acting; it’s just everything else that comes with it that I was struggling with.

"I was at a time in my life when I was still becoming.

"Like most young people, I hadn’t quite found who I was or what I was about.

My body was changing, and I didn’t even know how I felt about myself and what I looked like.

'Yet all of a sudden, people were being very vocal with their views on me as a young woman and as an actress.

"I lost confidence in myself because I was made to feel that I didn’t deserve to be doing what I was doing.'

Keira said decided to have therapy to deal with her ansiety issues.

She revealed: "There was no way I was going to be able to get on the red carpet without having a f*****g panic attack.

"So I had hypnotherapy and it worked. Thankfully, I haven’t had that feeling for a long time."

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