Kaley Cuoco calls for epic The Big Bang Theory reunion just like Friends

KALEY Cuoco has called for an epic The Big Bang Theory reunion just like Friends.

The hit CBS sitcom only came to an end in May 2019 – unlike Friends which ended in 2004 – but fans are desperate to see Sheldon and Co back together once more.

Asked if she would be up for a reunion like Friends – which was delayed by the coronavirus last year – Kaley said she definitely would.

The actress, who played Penny in all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory said at a press event: "I would, for sure, do a reunion. Absolutely… I am down for a reunion for Big Bang."

Kaley, 35, also revealed her excitement for the Friends reunion, which is reportedly set to take place as early as April and will feature all six stars from the show.

She said: "I’m counting down the days till the Friends reunion airs, it’s all I can think about. By the way, I will have a viewing party.

"It’s funny because Friends ended years ago, but you watch friends and it feels like it was just on. It’s still so current and modern."

Kaley added: ‘But Big Bang just ended so I think we need to give it a little bit of a break.

"I look forward to a reunion. I hope that our cast would be down for that sometime in the future. I’m ready for that, anytime."

Her comments come after David Schwimmer, who played Ross in Friends, gave fans an update on when they might finally get to see the six stars back together to talk about the classic sitcom.

Speaking on SiriusXM's Radio Andy, David, 54, said: "It's happening. Actually, in a little over a month I'm heading out to LA.

"So, finally, I mean, we figured out a way to film it safely and there's going to be a portion of it that we filmed outside because of, you know, for safety protocols."

Friends also starred Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry and ran for 10 seasons from 1994 until 2004.

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