Kaleb Cooper snaps at Jeremy Clarkson over basic farming error

Mirror visits Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop

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In the latest series of Clarkson’s Farm, Kaleb Cooper was back on hand to help Jeremy Clarkson run his Diddly Squat Farm. The first instalment focussed on the harvest and the pair were dealt a number of setbacks – some of which were caused by the presenter.

Kaleb and Jeremy rushed to harvest their corn when the moisture levels were perfect.

Unfortunately, as they were unable to secure more than one lorry to take it away, they had to leave some in the farm yard.

As rain fell, the corn started to sprout and the two were frustrated by the impact the weather had.

Finally, the weather changed, the rain stopped and Kaleb rushed to share the news with Jeremy they could start harvesting again.

But when he arrived to collect Jeremy, he was furious to find him carrying out simple tasks which should have been done earlier in the year.

Jeremy told viewers: “So assuming today would be another write off, I decided to change all the tyres on my tractor.”

The former Top Gear host showed viewers a “huge slash” in one of the wheels as a tyre service took the machine apart.

As the air was let out of one tyre, he remarked: “If you think about it that air is probably 14 years old and German.”

Jeremy even offered to lend a hand to the two men changing the tyres and “hoped they’d say no”.

But the presenter didn’t need to worry about being asked to get involved as he had Kaleb to worry about.

The farmer arrived angry with Jeremy: “What the f**k are you doing? The corn’s ready.”

“What?” Jeremy asked bemused as Kaleb got out of his car.

Kaleb fumed: “The corn is ready. We need to go now. What are you doing? You should have done this through the winter.”

“This is like a winter job,” he continued but Jeremy insisted: “There weren’t slicks in the winter.”

Furious Kaleb told the host: “Well, I’ll see you in an hour then. I’ll go and get started and hold the fort and you f**k around doing this.”

Jeremy remarked: “Seeing I was in a lot of trouble, the fitters got the tyres on in record time.”

He then rushed off to join Kaleb in the field and hitch his trailer to the tractor.

Unfortunately, there as yet more drama in store as Jeremy could not get the hook on his tractor to work.

Again, Kaleb had to join Jeremy and help him get his tractor hooked up to the trailer.

Eventually, they managed to harvest their crops and the rain held off.

Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch on Prime Video.

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