Jonathan Ross slams The Crown series six as ‘inaccurate and unfair’

The Crown – Season 6 Part 2: Official trailer

Jonathan Ross has hit out at the sixth series of The Crown and has said the show hasn’t been accurate or represented the royals fairly. The second volume of the sixth season was released on Netflix on Thursday and has not impressed some viewers, including TV host Jonathan, 63.

While speaking on his podcast with his daughter ‘Reel Talk’ with Honey & Jonathan Ross, the chat show host said: “This doesn’t feel like an accurate telling, this doesn’t feel like a fair representation. I think history is not going to judge The Crown as a television series very kindly. I think we’ll look back and say, ‘That wasn’t a good thing to be doing’.

Jonathan isn’t the only famous face to slam the sixth series of the hit show, with Lorraine Kelly also taking aim at the fictional series. She slammed the scenes that depicted how Prince William and Kate Middleton first met, after the final four episodes landed on the streaming giant following the cliffhanger of Princess Diana’s death.

The series starts soon after Princess Diana’s funeral and covers Prince William’s relationship with Kate Middleton, which began while the pair were at University together in St Andrews, Scotland.

When taking a look at some of the scenes within the series, Lorraine, 64, seemed unimpressed with some of the ways the young Prince and Kate had first met.

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Lorraine introduced the topic and said: “It is one of the most talked about dramas ever made and today The Crown comes to an end, releasing the final six episodes.

“Joining me now is Lucy Cave. Where does this chunk pick up?” to which she explained: “So we have had episodes one to four of series six which covered the last Summer of Diana’s life.

“It was a bit controversial because she appeared as a ghost and not many people warmed to that one, so this picks up after that and it is very much centred around William.

“So he is really the protagonist here, so Diana is gone and we don’t really see any more of her ghost.”

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Lorraine noted: “Let’s have a look through and see whether or not it is true or made up. So we see William and Kate meet for the first time…”

After watching the clip, Lorraine became unsure of the scene and said: “So they met up, Kate and William in front of Princess Diana, when they were selling the Big Issue.

“And Carol Middleton is saying to Kate ‘There is a pound’ really? Seriously?” which left Lucy to laugh and add: “I think it is safe to say that bit is fiction.”

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