Jon Gosselin bashed for posting US flag and wishing for ‘freedom’ instead of promoting Black Lives Matter – The Sun

JON Gosselin’s followers slammed him for posting about “freedom and country” on Tuesday instead of blacked-out photo in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum, 43, deleted his social media note after receiving too much backlash.

While many celebrities and TV personalities participated in Blackout Tuesday, which aimed to help amplify voices of the Black Lives Matter movement, Jon put up a bright American flag, along with a stream of hashtags that did not include BLM.

His wishes for the country included: “Unity, love, freedom, constitution, expression, belief, honor, pride, humanity, peace, GOD, Country, family, independence, expression, clarity, JUSTICE FOR ALL.”

In the comments section of the since-deleted post, some of his almost 200,000 followers called him out for his “yikes” of a statement.

One of his stunned fans said: “Imagine being so privileged that you think America has any type of freedom.”



Others told Jon he “forgot #BlackLivesMatter” and questioned why it’s not there amongst all of the other hashtags.

Some gave the father of eight a lot to consider, asking: “What happens if one person’s idea of freedom runs up against another’s physical life Jon?

“I’m not looking for an answer, but think deeply.”

Meanwhile, his longtime girlfriend Colleen Conrad’s children have been using their accounts and platforms to post about the movement.


Her son Jesse put up an Instagram post for #BlackoutTuesday, and her daughter Jordan shared a story about George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter, Gianna.

Jon lives with his girlfriend, her children and two of his kids — Hannah and Collin — from his marriage with Kate Gosselin.

Soon after seeing the comments bashing him, and possibly after seeing what Jordan and Jesse decided to put up, the former reality star deleted his flag photo.

His estranged daughter Mady, who’s now back living with Kate after being sent home from college due to the coronavirus pandemic, has also been using her platform in support of equality for all.

She shared a list of “things white people can do for racial justice” with her many followers.

Now, Jon’s most recent post is him wishing Hannah and Collin a “happy 16th birthday,” as well as his other estranged kids — Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden — who live with their mother.

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