John Oliver On Lack Of Trump Talk At The Emmys: “Can’t Drink The Pain Away”

John Oliver came backstage at the Emmys after winning Outstanding Variety Talk Series for Last Week Tonight starting off by greeting the “assorted press” and then going on to talk about how we are living in the “best of times and the worst of times.” Oliver said that he didn’t want to get “Dickensian”, but he said we are living “closer to the second half of that sentence.”

Known for reporting on politics, current events, and, of course, Donald Trump, Oliver addressed the fact that the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s name has not been mentioned once during tonight’s ceremony.

He hinted that the surprising lack of Trump talk is probably because everyone at home is playing a drinking game, taking a swig every time Donald Trump’s name is mentioned. And tonight, it hadn’t been mentioned once.

“We are just trying to keep America sober,” he pointed out. “Everyone needs their wits about them right now.”

He added, “You can’t drink the pain away.”

When asked if the Trump silence at tonight’s Emmys means we’re “moving on”, Oliver immediately exclaimed, “No it f*cking doesn’t!”

“If anyone takes away from the Emmys, that we’re moving on from the presidency, we are totally f*cked!” he added.

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