Jane McDonald warns ‘I can’t’ as she refuses to eat sheep’s eyeball

Jane McDonald discusses sleeping under the stars

Jane McDonald has travelled the world, taking viewers with her as she explores some of the most beautiful and interesting cities and countries.

But in an upcoming episode of her latest Channel 5 travel show, Holidaying with Jane McDonald, she finds herself feeling rather queasy during a food tour.

Thursday night’s series finale will see Jane travel to Morocco where she discovers the hidden markets of Marrakech to learn the art of haggling.

She also takes a city tour with a difference as she jumps in a motorbike sidecar and gets driven to the city’s historic mosque, while also experiencing a dune buggy journey in the desert.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Jane is offered some of the local delicacies, which didn’t go down too well with the presenter.

During the food tour, the former cruise ship singer is informed that in Morocco many people eat every part of a sheep – including the head.

When the guide proffers a sheep’s eyeball and asks if anyone in the group is willing to try it, Jane warns: “No I can’t eat an eyeball.”

Viewers will have to wait and see if anyone in the group does actually eat it or what other delicacies Jane will sample during her trip.

Earlier in the series Jane visited the beautiful beaches of the Mahe in Seychelles.

In that particular episode, she also went snorkelling with conservationists and took a trip to one of the most bustling markets in the capital of Victoria. 

During her snorkelling lesson around the coral reefs, Jane found herself rather red faced after flirting with her instructor.

It wasn’t the only time that she got embarrassed during that particular trip.

When taking part in a tour and learning about how the plants “mated” and grew large nuts that could weigh as much as a small child. 

She revealed: “At first when I heard about it I thought ‘Oh it will be a bit of a joke, we might look at something rude’.

“But it’s incredible, I am gobsmacked, this is definitely worth the visit! I feel like we are quite special to be here, it’s amazing.”

She also experienced her first safari, in another episode, as she explored Kenya.

Last week Jane ventured to the archipelago of Cape Verde. From trying her hand at fishing, to experiencing a mirage and swimming in a salt lake in the centre of a volcano, it was definitely more relaxing than the thought of eating a sheep’s eyeball.

Holidaying with Jane McDonald airs on Channel 5 at 8pm on Thursday nights, with Magical Morocco being the series finale on May 18.

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