Jane McDonald tears up as she spots ‘message in the sky’

Jane McDonald discusses sleeping under the stars

She is no stranger to exotic locations having spent years working on a cruise ship and in recent years travelling far and wide for her popular BAFTA winning TV shows.

Despite this Jane McDonald still found herself in awe during her latest adventure in Kenya.

The former Loose Women star was on what was described as a “once in a lifetime” safari trip and Kenya was her first stop in her new Channel 5 series.

As part of the experience, she found herself sleeping under the stars and the singer turned presenter became somewhat overwhelmed describing it.

Surrounded by stunning scenery as she settled down for the night she acknowledged: “This is just so, so special and I’m so blessed to be able to do this.”

As soon as she woke up she described the experience as “something I will never, ever forget”.

Later, over breakfast she was profoundly moved as she reflected on her night.

“Sleeping under the stars in Africa – I think that it’s changed me a little bit,” she confessed.

“Last night was one of the most eventful nights of my life.

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As she looked out across the landscape she continued: “I had nothing here, but I actually had everything here.”

She then revealed a profound moment that happened during the evening, which she believed was a message.

“I never realised that there were so many stars,” she commented. “And I actually saw a shooting star last night.”

Jane was visibly welling up and became quite emotional before apologising to viewers: “It was like a message saying don’t worry. No worries.

“We always think that time is a threat. But it isn’t, time is a gift,” she said profoundly.

This moment of quiet reflection was a far cry from earlier in the episode where she panicked she may get eaten by a lion.

Enjoying a delicious spread in the savanna a frightening thought suddenly occurred to her.

A worried Jane asked: “Question – how many bars do you know with no door policy, no dress code, and no walls? That’s got me thinking.

“I don’t want to cause trouble but erm, will we not get eaten out here?”

Holidaying with Jane McDonald is on Channel 5 at 8pm on Thursdays.

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