Jane McDonald makes candid admission on Channel 5 show ‘Sad to leave’

Jane McDonald feels nostalgic as she stays in Fort Lauderdale

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Former Loose Women star Jane McDonald took Channel 5 viewers on holiday with her to Florida on Sunday evening. The cruise singer took a trip down memory lane to revisit the Florida Keys as well as the picturesque waterways of Fort Lauderdale. However, the star admitted the sentimental reason she did not want to fly home to Yorkshire. 

After an exciting day exploring the beaches and shops, Jane sat down with her close friends to enjoy a final meal in an upper-class restaurant.

She tucked into a seafood dish which included a “meaty” piece of white fish and crab meat. 

“What a way to have my last day in Fort Lauderdale, cheers girls” she added.  

Following their delicious meal, Jane opened up to the cameras about having to leave Florida. 

At the end of the two-part series, Jane admitted: “Do you know, my heart is here and I don’t want to leave.

“It’s brought back so many amazing memories here and seeing my old friend has been amazing. 

“And don’t forget memories never die and friends are always your friends.”

She added: “That was the perfect end to a fun-filled friend-filled day.” 

She joked as she sipped on a Martini: “Yorkshire has got my heart, but Florida has got my liver.”

Earlier on in the episode, Jane took a boat tour of mansions which were worth millions of dollars and she also visited the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

She said: “Isn’t it fabulous to be away in the sunshine among palm trees by pools and beaches?

“As you know I love a guidebook, they never run out of charge.” 

Reflecting on her love of Fort Lauderdale, Jane said she worked there during the 1990s when she sang on cruise ships. 

Ahead of driving to the area, Jane explained she always packs a day bag with her in case she ever wants to pull over and go for a swim. 

She hit the road in a yellow Bronco and started blaring out a “cracking” playlist. 

She stopped off at the famous six-mile Cocoa Beach adding: “Look at this sea, it’s fantastic.

“I love the beach because that beautiful sea breeze is heaven.” 

While watching the waves Jane told the cameras she deserved a little rest after a busy few days of kayaking and exploring. 

Jane advised people who enjoyed the water to visit Florida’s coastline and assured them they would not be disappointed. 

Holidaying with Jane McDonald: Florida is available to watch on My5. 

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