ITV I’m A Celeb star Sam Thompson tackled to the floor by rapper’s bouncer in nightclub bust-up

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Sam Thompson was tackled by a famous rapper's security guard during a heated argument in a New York City nightclub.

Before joining the jungle, the 31 year old TV celeb got "hammered" and ended up in a big tussle with the rapper's bouncer over an unlit cigar.

Speaking on his Staying Relevant podcast, with TOWIE star co-host Pete Wicks, he admitted that it "wasn't the best idea" to keep prodding after the bloke wrestled him to the floor.

He said: "I nearly got in a fight. I got hammered and there was a rapper there. Quite a big rapper, I think it might have been Flo Rida. He's sat on the edge of the table next to us. There's security around him, and there's one guy, right, who is stood up around this table."

He continued: "This is so American. He's got a cigar in his hand, right, but he hasn't lit it. It's inside. So he's literally holding a cigar and dancing with a bottle and a chain on, but he's holding this unlit cigar and it f***ed me off so much I literally turned round and tried to get to Flo Rida and his bouncer took me down and tackled me onto the sofa.

"He went 'what do you think you're doing man?' I was like 'I don't know, I just wanted to ask something. He was like 'you can't just do that, go back to your f***ing table'. I was like 'can I ask you a question?'. I was really drunk at this point. He was like 'yeah'. I asked 'why has he got a cigar that's not lit?'. He went 'it's none of your business man'. I went 'does he want a lighter?'.

"He went 'he doesn't need a lighter.'" When the bouncer told him it was part of his "look", Sam declared: "It's a f***ing s*** look".

Sam added: "I scampered back to my table. All of my mates looked at me and went 'what the f*** do you think you're doing?'."

He told Daily Star: "It was quite late at night and I was a little bit drunk…"

"Never had a cigar before. I got taken down by security. I was like 'so sorry, I was just wondering if you wanted a lighter'."

Sam added: "But then I thought do you know what, I'm lying face down and I went 'probably not the best idea'."

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