It's Always Sunny And Mythic Quest Won't Impact Each Other, Series Creator Says

While Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet has been renewed for a second season, series creator Rob McElhenney confirmed that his new Apple TV+ show won’t affect the creation of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

During the Television Critics Association winter press tour, McElhenney said that he and long-time collaborator Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny’s Charlie Kelly) have carved out time specifically for the sitcom. “It takes us about five months to make a season of Sunny, we have that period of our lives carved out just for that,” McElhenney said. “And yes, we’re gonna keep doing it forever, as long as people keep watching it.”

This echoes a similar statement shared at the beginning of the year, in which McElhenney said both Mythic Quest and It’s Always Sunny can exist simultaneously. “Charlie Day & I would like to cut the death threats off by saying [Mythic Quest] in no way affect[s] Sunny,” McElhenney tweeted. “Sunny Always. Always Sunny.”

It’s Always Sunny’s fourteenth season aired in September 2019 and wrapped up its ten episodes in November 2019, making it one of the longest-running live-action comedies on the air. While a fifteenth season has not been announced, FX said it is talking to the show’s core creative team about producing more seasons.

McElhenney’s Mythic Quest will arrive on Apple TV+ on February 7. The series–which follows a game studio as it navigates the challenges of maintaining a popular video game–consists of nine episodes and stars Ashly Burch, David Hornsby (It’s Always Sunny’s Cricket), F. Murray Abraham, and McElhenney himself.

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