Is Faith Dingle leaving Emmerdale – What the Sally Dexter has said

Emmerdale has been providing fans with all the dramatic events of the fictional Yorkshire community for fifty years in October, and recent storylines have been no exception to that lineage.

The soap genre has seen a big shake-up recently, with the departure of Neighbours and Holby City, as well as line-up changes (both behind and in front of the camera) for EastEnders.

However, a new photograph has been released to mark the Emmerdale 50th Anniversary, featuring some of the newest members of the cast, like Kevin Mathurin (Charles), Louise Jameson (Mary), Emile John (Ethan), Lawrence Robb (Mackenzie), Darcy Grey (Marcus), Martelle Edinborough (Suzy), Jessie Elland (Chloe), and Karene Peter (Naomi).

But it’s not just the new characters that are having a tremendous impact on the current storylines.

A catastrophic storm is set to create mayhem as the day of Kim Tate’s (Claire King) and Will Taylor’s (Dean Andrews) wedding arrives, with questions still abounding about Will’s alleged feelings for Harriet Finch.

However, perhaps one of the most emotional storylines of late is that of Faith Dingle, ably portrayed by Sally Dexter.

When could Faith Dingle be leaving Emmerdale?

*Possible Emmerdale spoilers ahead*

Faith’s recent storyline has seen both her and the other characters on the show dealing with her incurable breast cancer diagnosis.

Ever since then, it has been clear that Faith would be leaving the show, and her journey has taken viewers on a heart-wrenching story.

From her decision to stop chemotherapy to the talk of her taking her own life after her health continues to decline, it’s been a truly emotional time to follow the show.

Talking to the Liverpool Echo back in August, Jeff Hordley (who plays Cain) spoke about his sadness at his co-star leaving, saying: ‘I’m personally saddened at losing the brilliant Sally Dexter, but it will give us some great stories going forward.’

He went on to say, ‘She’s a great human being and I’m so sad we’re losing her.’

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, Sally Dexter also talked about her character, saying: ‘I have enjoyed being back. I will miss the laughter, the fabulous Yorkshire countryside and the skill, talent and dedication of the whole team of people I respect, admire and have huge affection for. I’m hugely sad that Faith can’t return.’

She also talked about how sensitively they have tried to tackle Faith’s story, stating: ‘The research team have dug deep for us throughout this whole storyline.

‘For the final part of Faith’s storyline we had advice from an organisation called Dignity in Dying, including Steve Jetley and his own experience with his wife Tina, a story we were all extremely moved by.

‘We were all in great awe of the work done by all organisations and charities used for this storyline.’

In Monday’s episode, we received our biggest clue yet that the conclusion to Faith’s story could come soon. Faith talked about how it wasn’t just her body that was letting her down, but her mind, and mentioned that it was now happening ‘Enough for me not to relish it happening too much more.’

While we do not know precisely when the character of Faith Dingle will be leaving Emmerdale, we do know it will be during the 50th-anniversary storylines, so it seems inevitable that it will be within the next couple of days.

If you’ve been affected by any issues raised by Faith’s storyline, ITV has a dedicated website section with advice and information.  

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