Is 'Days of Our Lives' Pre-Empted Due to the Olympics?

Days of Our Lives fans are about to be sorely disappointed in the coming weeks. Their favorite soap opera and longtime NBC staple will be pre-empted for the Olympics. Let’s take a look at the details of the pre-emption, and some other DOOL news you may have missed.

‘Days of Our Lives’ will be pre-empted for the Beijing Olympics

Michael Fairman confirms that Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted for the Beijing Olympics, which will air on NBC. The outlet reports that from Feb. 4 to Feb. 18, no new episodes of the soap opera will air. New episodes of Days, however, will air beginning on Feb. 21.

This is not the first time that the soap opera has been pre-empted due to the Olympics. On Friday, July 23, NBC aired the Olympic games. As a result, Days of Our Lives was pre-empted from July 23 until August 6.

Soap Opera Network reported that the soap and all other non-sports shows were pre-empted. So, it’s not just Days fans that didn’t get a chance to watch their favorite show.

It was not pre-empted on Christmas eve

On Christmas Eve — which was Dec. 24, 2021 — the show aired an all-new episode on NBC. And, if you happened to miss the first airing of the show, you can also watch it on Peacock. Speaking of Christmas, the first-ever Days Christmas movie, A Very Salem Christmas, is also still airing on Peacock.

In the December 24 episode of Days of Our Lives, several of Salem’s heroes teamed up to keep Ciara safe from the Mar-Devil. Previously, it was revealed that Mar-Devil overplayed her hand when it came to Ben and Ciara. This led the pregnant newlywed to catch on to the Devil’s scheming ways. Now, it’s time for her to keep her, her baby, and her bull-headed husband Ben safe!

Days fans also had the chance to check out their favorite soap on New Year’s eve, too.

It wasn’t pre-empted for New Year’s eve, either

On the Dec. 31, 2021 episode of Days of Our Lives, Marlena was discharged from the hospital “demon-free,” so it looks like the exorcism worked. Meanwhile, Sami decided that Lucas was the love of her life, and ran off to Europe to “work things out” with him. Unfortunately, Johnny got possessed by the Devil, which means that Chanel is currently going through it with her new whirlwind husband.

And the soap will leave off with a cliffhanger before it gets pre-empted. Not only is Lani going to come face-to-face with her real father, but he’ll reveal his true identity to her on the Feb. 3 episode of the show. But will she believe him? And if so, how will she react? And what does that mean for her already-fractured relationship with her mother?

Unfortunately, fans of Days of Our Lives will have to wait until the Olympics are over to find out.

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