Is Daisy Midgeley leaving Coronation Street?

Coronation Street’s Daisy Midegley (Charlotte Jordan) exploded onto our screens in 2020, as the bubbly, high-spirited step-daughter of Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews).

However, viewers have seen her confidence slowly dwindle over the past few months, as she faced torment from sinister stalker Justin (Andrew Still).

Could this storyline lead to her exit, or will she be sticking around long enough to see Justin’s downfall?

What is Daisy’s storyline?

Daisy is currently facing a terrifying ordeal at the hands of Justin, who has been stalking her for the last few months.

Justin’s obsession with the influencer started when they met in hospital during Daisy’s cancer scare back in December 2022.

Since then, he has been leaving comments all over her social media, sent flowers to the Rovers where she works, and even got a job on the Street in order to be closer to her.

Since then, he has stepped thing up a gear, going so far as to date her mum, Christina (Amy Robbins) in a bid to get even closer to her.

This week, Daisy was left fearing for her life when Justin let himself into her house while she was home alone.

When Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) found him loitering on the street again later that evening, he ended up attacking him, leaving him with a stark warning to leave them alone.

Is Daisy leaving Coronation Street?

It remains a mystery how long this story will continue, and whether or not Daisy will exit as a result.

There is every chance that Daisy may wish to leave the Street behind her, or move away to escape Justin’s stalking.

Location photos obtained by show Daisy missing from her wedding to Daniel. Could this be a sign that she is set to leave for good?

Will she die?

It is as yet unknown whether or not this storyline will result in Daisy’s death, however, studies have shown a link between stalking and homicides, according to Saskia Garner, Head of Policy and Campaigns for the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

‘Dr Jane Monckton-Smith talks about a homicide timeline and if you’re being stalked you are part way along that timeline and the likelihood of that escalating into serious violence becomes far more likely.

‘We know from our research that at the point of rejection where one party, normally the stalker, realises and takes on board the fact that the other person isn’t going to partake in the relationship they want, in this case with an intimacy seeker or perhaps with other typologies they’ve been in a relationship and the person wants to regain that relationship, when they realise that’s not going to happen that can be a real trigger for an escalation in violence and aggression towards the victim because they realise they’ve lost control.’

With this in mind, we can’t rule out the possibility that Justin’s behaviour may escalate far enough that he may end up killing her.

Who plays her?

Daisy is played by actress Charlotte Jordan.

Prior to her role in Coronation Street, Charlotte also appeared in an episode of Casualty in 2016, and The Bill in 2007.

She was also a series regular in Netflix original series Free Rein between 2018 and 2019.

What other storylines has she had?

Following her arrival on the cobbles, Daisy made it her mission to split up former stepmother Jenny from her husband, the late Johnny Connor.

Having discovered that she had slept with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), she blackmailed him into investing in her new multilevel marketing scheme in exchange for her silence.

After pursuing several taken men, including David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), Daisy set her sights on Daniel, who she is now preparing to marry.

In 2022, Daisy found a lump in her breast, which sparked concerns that she may have breast cancer.

She was eventually given the all clear, but her trip to the hospital led her to bump into Justin, sparking the stalking story that she is currently involved in.

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