Inside Katie Price's forgotten first rehab stint at the Priory after she 'feared she was dying after drug overdose'

Back in 2006 – when she was still married to first husband, Peter Andre – Katie went to the rehab centre because she 'feared she was dying after a drug overdose'.

Katie, 40, revealed the shocking moment in her 2008 autobiography, Jordan:Pushed to the Limit, which she wrote a year before they split.

At the time, Katie had been gripped by postnatal depression after welcoming the couple's first child, Junior.

She asked an old clubbing friend to get her something would would "give me a buzz".

She wrote: "Before I met Pete, if I'd been feeling low my solution would have been to go out clubbing and to get p***ed.

"I know that doesn't solve anything, but at least for a few hours I could have a break from my state of mind,"
"When I split up with Dane Bowers all those years ago, I remember going out clubbing and drinking to numb the pain and now I needed something to take me out of my head in that same way.

"But Pete hates clubs and hates me drinking, so I knew I couldn't take that route."

In February 2006, Katie recalled how she headed to her bedroom while Pete was in his studio, telling him she was going to try on clothes, but instead she reached for an unspecified drug in her handbag.

She wrote: "I couldn't bear to feel like this anymore. Slowly I reached for my bag and opened it.

"My fingers touched a small package and I pulled it out and looked at it for a few minutes, hesitating – did I really want to do this?
"Because I'm naive about drugs, as I've never been into them, I had no idea how much I should be taking. And suddenly, I started to feel really strange, my heart seemed to be racing fast, I felt hot and I began to panic," she said.

"Oh my God, had I overdosed? Was I going to die?"

Katie eventually told Pete what she had done, as her heartbeat continued to race and she started to panic.

Katie claimed the singer immediately jumped out of bed and said: "You're f***ing stupid. That's it! I'm sorry, Kate. I'll stay with you until you're feeling better, but then I'm going."

A doctor was called and checked Katie over, before reassuring her she wasn't going to die.

Pete refused to change his mind until her mum Amy and his late brother Mike encouraged him to stick by his wife and support her.

The star relented – on the condition she got help – and dropped her off at The Priory.

She wrote of the moment in her autobiography: "'You'll be fine," Pete reassured me, as I slowly opened the car door and climbed out. It was a cold, grey February afternoon and right now I wanted to be anywhere but here – here being outside The Priory'."

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