Inside Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw’s home with lavish grey sofa, white interior and amazing hollywood mirror – The Sun

BETHAN Kershaw can ignore all the recent drama surrounding her relationship with Beau Brennan by relaxing in her cosy flat.

The Sun Online recently reported that the Geordie lass, 25, had split with the tatted hunk – but later she confirmed that she is still with the MTV star, 25, despite not following him on Instagram.

The Geordie Shore star has the most comfy looking sofa that she can relax on when she returns home after a long six weeks of filming for the MTV show.

Her living room boasts a grey velvet crushed couch with a selection of matching cushions and throws for extra comfort.

Before a boozy night out on the toon the blonde beauty can take snaps with her best pals, which also has matching curtains to give them their privacy during their pre drinks.

Bethan has opted for a simple interior throughout her humble abode, which include a range of neutral carpets that run throughout her cosy pad and a range of white furniture.

Moving upstairs, Bethan's bedroom boasts an amazing hollywood mirror that she can use to get ready for her legandary nights out in Bijou – one of Newcastle's most popular nightclubs.

Keeping up with her all white colour scheme, Bethan also has a vitange long length mirror that she can use to make sure that her outfit is looking on point before she leaves the house.

The Geordie lass also has a huge double bed with a grey headboard that she can crash on and catch up with her beauty sleep after sipping too many vodka cokes.

When the hangover hit's she can soak up some non-alcohol bubbles in her pristine white bathroom and relax in the most perfect setting with her selection of tealight candles.

Even her garden is the perfect photo opportunity as it has an impressive marble flooring which looks great against brick walls.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Bethan had split with the tatted hunk after removing all traces of their relationship of their social media platforms.

A source told the Sun Online: "It's over – they're not together any more."

However, Bethan hit back at the claims that they had called time on their relationship – and revealed that the pair are still living together.

She told MailOnline: "Beau and I are still together period. The reports that we have split are completely false.

"I don't know when following someone on social media became the bar to measure whether you're together or not but I can confirm that Beau and I are still living together and still in a happy relationship."

The lovebirds met in 2019 as new cast members for the MTV reality show and hit it off immediately.

During their time on the show the pair had some serious bust-ups together, including one which resulted in Bethan quitting the show in November 2019.

The latest series of the reality show began filming in October 2019 and welcomed the arrival of new cast member The X Factor star Amelia Lily, 25.

One of Bethan and Beau's blazing rows resulted in Bethan storming out of the show's house, leaving the MTV production high and dry.

Our insider said: "Bethan and Beau got into a heated argument and things escalated really quickly.

"It was one of the worst rows they have ever had – really explosive stuff. In the end, Bethan was very emotional and just walked. She's had enough."

The source added that "producers are scrambling to try and get her to change her mind.

"The bosses are panicking because she is a great cast member and they really don't want to lose her.

"The romance between her and Beau has been a key storyline, so they are desperate for her to come back.

"They are hopeful that once she's calmed down, she will see sense and start filming again."

But it seems that Bethan and Beau aren't the only two who haven't got on for the latest season – newbie Amelia Lily, who will be seen on air this year, fell out with longtime star Chloe Ferry.

The Geordie girls had been to be broken up by producers after they got into a barney at Powerhouse nightclub, although they now appear to be on better terms.



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