‘I’m A Celeb’s Matt Hancock is a national disgrace and should quit immediately’

After we all thought we'd seen the last of the supremely odious Matt Hancock following his scandalous affair with one of his advisors, the news of him entering the I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! jungle has put me off tuning in this year.

The dishonourable Member of Parliament has reportedly accepted a grossly extortionate fee of £400,000 to appear on the hit reality show.

The same man who broke his own lockdown rules as he shoved his tongue down the throat of another woman is attempting to redeem his public image by eating kangaroo c*ck.


It's laughable Hancock thinks he'll have a chance of redemption after families couldn't see their own dying relatives, whilst him and other senior politicians blatantly disregarded rules they set and oversaw one of the highest death tolls in the world.

Writing for a newspaper, Hancock endeavoured to feebly justify swapping Westminster for the jungle in order to "talk directly to people who aren’t always interested in politics" and a "different way to communicate with the electorate."

If you can't see through Hancock's waffle and understand he's striving to become more well-known, earn huge sums of money, and somehow salvage his reputation, then perhaps you deserve someone like him running the country.

He might've taken advice from a publicist; he might try to weaponise his dyslexia for sympathy; he might try to be overtly friendly to fool gullible viewers at home; but you must remember this man is a fame-hungry, disgraced former minister who will do whatever takes to clear his name.

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While Hancock is galavanting around an Australian campsite, sycophantically licking his fellow campmates' boots, and earning hundreds of thousands of pounds, his poor constituents in West Suffolk are dealing with a cost of living crisis back in the UK and with an MP who's busy filming.

The same politician who missed his party's annual conference to film Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, pocketing another fee for the Channel 4 show that is yet to air.

Was that not enough for him to 'communicate with the electorate' and to somehow become more relatable because it's "honest and unfiltered", according to the former Secretary of State?

He has a clear choice: continue earning over £80,000 a year for his work as an MP or chase reality TV stardom and make his money that way.

Don't leave the same constituents that voted for you in 2019 and since 2010, when they first elected you, without the representation they deserve from someone who will serve their needs, not just his or her own.

Matt Hancock is not a celebrity.

He's well known and indeed a public figure, but not a 'celebrity' that should be taking part in reality shows amongst actors, presenters, reality stars, singers, and beyond.

Leveraging his fame from being a working MP should not be utilised for shows like I'm A Celeb or Celebrity SAS.

After already losing the Government whip, I say that isn't enough and he should face immediate deselection or duly resign for bringing his party and country into disrepute.

Also when writing about why he's entering the I'm A Celeb camp, Hancock suggested "it’s patronising to hear some say reality TV is beneath a politician", somehow believing that's why people might be angry towards a seemingly delusional politician that has lost his way in the world.

One word: desperation.

Dreadful handling of the pandemic, high-profile affair, discreditable resignation, blanked by the current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak… there wasn't much left for Matt Hancock career-wise, and don't expect any sympathy from me.

So you really can't blame him for wanting to leave the Houses of Parliament to a hammock on a jungle floor, because being an MP and serving his constituents' needs seemingly isn't exciting enough.

Perhaps he wants the paparazzi, the social media followers, and a Kim Kardashian-esque lifestyle in a career transformation we've never witnessed before in this country.

Much like the calls from locals in West Suffolk for Hancock to leave office, I agree that once a politician starts journeying into the side of entertainment and reality TV, they have lost all credibility as a public servant.

It's certainly not a case of reality TV being too lowly for someone like Hancock (he should be lucky I'm A Celeb even contacted him, let alone three times), rather a politician loses all cachet once they start taking part in shows like this.

We don't care about seeing our MPs cry or a producer trying to humanise them in the edit, and of course Hancock reminded us that 'politicians have feelings too' in his article that oozed more pity than an X Factor audition sob story.

We just want them to work, for us.

Fighting for new laws, championing their constituency, and overall being a worthwhile ambassador for politics in this country.

At a time of severe embarrassment for the Conservative Party, after our very own Daily Star lettuce outlasted Liz Truss, (former prime minister in case you've already forgotten), news of an ex-Cabinet minister launching a reality TV career whilst Parliament is in session was the last thing they could've wanted.

I urge all of you reading, vote for Matt Hancock in every bush tucker trial, make sure he works for his nearly half-a-million pound celebrity fee, and then vote him out after enduring the insects, fish, slime, and anything else show makers throw at him.

Hopefully, after his short-lived stint in the jungle and Celebrity SAS next year, that'll be the last of Matt Hancock we'll have to live through on our screens again.

After all, we deserve some I'm A Celeb yellow stars for having to sit through hours of him on our tellies – maybe that can be one of the trial's in next year's series?

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