I’m A Celeb fans rage over campmates’ punishment for smuggling food into camp

I'm A Celebrity fans are certainly a passionate bunch.

They've flocked to Twitter over tonight's "Smuggle-gate", in which the celebs were deducted a star from the 10 Andrew won as punishment for trying to bring bits from the roast back into camp.

They weren't sympathetic, to say the least.

One penned: "Does anyone else feel like just taking a star away from the meal was a pretty poor punishment? Firstly, everyone was affected, which wasn't fair, but equally, just taking a star away seems pretty pathetic for breaking a pretty strong rule."

Another raged: "I think that punishment was ridiculous!!!! What was the point of that? They should of took away all the stars not just one! That would of caused arguments!"

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A third reckoned only Ian should have faced the consequences: "They should have given them all the 10 stars and said Ian should eat rice and beans, much better punishment. #imaceleb."

It wasn't the only food-based controversy, as James Haskell and Andy Whyment came to blows over leftovers.

Andy, Ian Wright and Cliff Parisi were the only celebs left without a roast after their pals failed to win them one during Sunday night's live Bushtucker Trial.

Andy started kicking off about the fact that no-one had offered him anything of what they'd brought back – and things got even more heated after learning they'd been served orange juice.

Camp leader James told him: "Stop worrying about last night's dinner, mate.

"Honestly, mate, it'll do your head in and you'll torture yourself."

The rugby legend added: "It doesn't matter if the whole building is made out of chocolate and you were fired out of a cannon into it."

James took himself off the the Bush Telegraph, confiding: "I don't want anyone here who missed out to feel like they're struggling. It's just my mentality, but I may have come across like I was shutting him down but I didn't mean to."

Later he told Andy, who'd retired to his hammock: "I didn't mean it like that. I wasn't being snappy."

Andy came back: "I was just chuffed for you guys. I was just curious."

*I'm A Celebrity is back tomorrow on ITV at 9pm.

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