Ibiza Weekender's Deano Baily reveals he wants to ask CBB's Chloe Ferry to MARRY him despite her wild antics and crush on Calum Best

HUNKY Ibiza Weekender star Deano Bailey has his sights set on Chloe Ferry – and confessed he would PROPOSE to the wild Celebrity Big Brother star if he were in the iconic bungalow.

The cheeky chap has been pals with the quirky Newcastle lass since before her Geordie Shore days.

Yet it is her current stint in the Channel 5 show which has convinced him she is his "dream girl."

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online about their previous banter, Deano said: "Nothing really come of it and now I've seen what she's actually like, she doesn't even know what's going on – and I love that.

"She doesn't know what day of the week it is.

"I think that's my dream girl.

"I would have been down on my knees in the house.

"I'd have been asking her to marry me saying 'please Chloe, I love you'."

Last night, viewers watched as Chloe made a move on housemate Calum Best.

She tried to kiss the model hottie after he told her off for calling herself his b****, yet she wasn't able to work her magic as he shunned her advances.

Visibly tipsy Chloe made her way over him, sat on his lap and tried to engage him in a passionate kiss.

But then he told her it was time for her to go to bed and said: “Jokes aside, I’m glad you’re here, you got a great face and butt, but it’s time to go to bed.”

The scenes left Deano open mouthed – and he squealed he NEVER would have rejected her.

He told us: "No!

"What's he doing? How could he do that?

"He's a bit old and mature though. He's been there and done it.

"I can't believe he turned her down."

Deano added: "I want a girl whose crazy about me like a psycho.

"There's a bit of character there.

"I think Chloe is favourite to win."

Yet while Deano has been glued to Chloe's antics, which have included flashing her body, gyrating on a plastic dog and not wearing underwear, he has also been captivated by CBB's seemingly ideal housemate, Bianca Gascoigne.

Deano, 24, gushed: "I love Bianca though, she's just gorgeous.

"She's proper one you take home to your mum. I think she's being a bit nice in there.

"I think she'd like someone with a bit money.

"I don't know how long she will keep that going

"I reckon she will snap soon – I hope she does because I want to see her a bit fiery, I like a fiery girl."

He is no stranger to controversy after his time in raunchy ITV2 show Ibiza Weekender.

After being stung by his experiences with women – including former contestant Imogen Townley – he's happily single.

While the bevvy of CBB beauties have caught his eye he's also championing Irish twins Jedward.

He revealed: "I've never really seen what they are about, I think they are actually really nice.

"You could tell them the worst thing in the world and they would be like 'ahh it's OK man'.

"They're annoying but I think they are really nice, so I'd also like them to win."



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Deano has stripped off to model for his own calendarCredit: [email protected]

Meanwhile Deano has released a hunky new calendar ahead of Ibiza Weekender's new series.

The gym-lover looks seriously ripped in the shots after admitting he has been working out for the past five years because "you never know what might come along."

The calendar is available from the Celebrity Merchandise website.

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