‘I had COVID and didn’t know!’ Andi Peters antibody test revealed staggering result

Andi Peters says antibody test revealed he has had Covid

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Competition host and Good Morning Britain presenter Andi confirmed an antibody test for COVID-19 showed positive signs for the virus when he took one last week. The broadcaster hosted the ITV breakfast show on Monday, and chatted to Dr Amir Khan about protection from coronavirus for the run-up to Christmas.

Andi recalled: “I had an antibody test last week, and the antibody test revealed that I have had COVID.”

The presenter assured Dr Amir he has been taking precautions during the pandemic, even when it appeared he was free from COVID.

“Luckily, I take it very seriously,” he continued. “I don’t hug, I don’t kiss.

“I wear a mask all the time, I remain social distancing.”


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