Hunters ending explained: What happened at the end of Amazon series?

Hunters ended with two hugely dramatic reveals, which left viewers shocked and wondering what was next for the Amazon Prime Video series. The show follows Nazi hunters as they contend with finding and killing war criminals who have escaped to the US as well as dealing with the growing call for a fourth Reich. This is all culminates in a shocking ending, which saw deaths and as well as some massive twists.

What happened at the end of Hunters on Amazon Prime?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Hunters season 1

Revelations about Ruth and Meyer

The final episode opened on a flashback to a year prior when Ruth (played by Jeannie Berlin) went to see Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) for the first time since their concentration camp was liberated.

She confronted him for leaving her with their daughter as well as why she couldn’t understand his refusal to redeem himself for what the Wolf had made him do.

She then warned him how she would never allow their grandson Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) to lose his light as Meyer had done.


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Meyer is still alive

The show then skipped forward to modern day as it was revealed Meyer had survived being shot by the Colonel (Lena Olin) and crashing his car off of a bridge.

The woman who helped him was Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) and he was now recovering in his bed when Jonah went to visit him.

However, Meyer sent Jonah away as he had been unable to kill neo-Nazi Travis Leich (Greg Austin) under the guidance of Millie Morris (Jerrika Hinton).

After the tense conversation, Jonah attempted to find the real Wolf to prove to Meyer he could be a hunter.

He found old letters in his grandmother’s cookbook, which revealed the information as well as recounting the meeting of Meyer and Ruth again after the liberation.

In these notes, she recounted Meyer saying how when he saw the Wolf again he will pray for him as monsters need prayers the most – this will become important later.

Biff Simpson’s escape

One of the major Nazi’s to have transitioned to America is Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) who has been looking to save himself throughout the whole season.

This culminated in creating a false passport as he was seen heading through the border into the USSR to start another new life.

Future of Millie’s case

Millie brings her case about the Nazis living in the US in front of her superiors, who quickly dismiss it.

Seemingly lost, she was later visited by a congresswoman who invited her to begin a secret task force to prosecute Nazis.

Travis Leich’s arrest

Horrifying Neo-Nazi Travis Leicht (Greg Austin) was visited in prison by Millie who he chillingly warned about his plans to kill her girlfriend.

He later asked his parents for a Jewish lawyer who he stabbed to death in front of his fellow inmates.

This is all part of his plan to breed hate and recruit people to his cause in prison.


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Meyer’s true identity revealed

Thinking he had found the Wolf working as a cosmetic surgeon, Jonah kidnapped him and brought him to Meyer.

Meyer then stabbed him without speaking to him at all to hear his story, which shocked Jonah.

However, what was most revealing was how he did not say the prayer which he had vowed to do to Jonah’s grandmother.

As a result, Jonah began to piece together the true story and work out the Meyer is actually the Wolf himself.

Finally being honest, the Wolf told Jonah how he killed the real Meyer in the camp, absorbed his identity and then had plastic surgery to change his appearance.

He taunted Jonah telling him how he was not a Nazi, how his transformation had given him atonement and how Jonah could never lead the hunt himself.

Jonah then shoots him, said his grandfather’s prayer and stabbed him before the Wolf died on the floor.

The future of the Hunters

His fellow hunters are shocked to hear his story about who Meyer really was with some deciding to leave this world behind.

Sister Harriet has a suspicious phone call where she revealed she was a double agent and is given a new task.

She then brings this before the team as they decide to travel to Europe to continue their desire to find and kill high-ranking Nazis.


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Adolf Hitler is still alive

Joe Mizushima (Louis Ozawa) was run over and taken to a remote location where he found out the Colonel is still alive.

However, the shocks did not end then when he sat down for a meal and the Colonel revealed her name is actually Eva.

Then in the final scene, Adolf Hitler came to the sit at the head of the table, aged but very much still alive.

The hugely dramatic series has left viewers wondering whether the show will be back for another series.

The show hasn’t officially got the green light by Amazon yet but it seems there is plenty which still needs to be tied up in the show.

Hunters is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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