Hudson and Rex: Beloved dog Diesel steals the show in hit detective series

Hudson & Rex: Official trailer spoke exclusively to detective Charlie Hudson star John Reardon, who explained what it’s like to work with a four-legged co-star.

Hudson is a cunning Major Crimes detective for the St. John’s Police Department in Newfoundland, Canada, and teams up with an unusual partner in this charming and lighthearted police procedural.

Rex (played by Diesel von Burgimwald) is a multi-scent trained German Shepherd with an excellent ear for unique sounds working in the police dog unit (K9).

When his human partner dies, it looks like it’s the end of the road for Rex… until Charlie is put in the picture.

Rex’s heightened senses keep Detective Hudson hot on the trail of his suspects and, together, they investigate puzzling crimes, from a kidnapping which reveals a much larger conspiracy at play to an art theft murder which runs deep into the world of high society.

With Charlie’s deft detective work and Rex’s keen canine senses, the crime-fighting pair is unstoppable.

Talking to, John explained: “I’ve always loved having a canine partner in the show and we have grown to become great friends.

“It has been a process to get to know and trust each other. We were only familiar with each other for a few days before we went to the camera and immediately were doing stunts, action sequences and kissing scenes together.

“The last one is not a joke. In season one we put nacho cheese on my ear lobe so he would lick me!

“No need for nacho cheese anymore though. We can practically finish each other’s sentences.”

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Detailing more about how the dog manages to act so well, John continued: “Diesel is just like any actor to be honest.

“For the most part, he hits his mark, finds his light, and listens to his fellow actors.

“But also, he has moments like we all do when he is into the scene and improvises.

“These are some of the best moments on camera and almost always make it into the episode.

“He also loves to hang out with everyone on set. He always comes over first thing every morning to say hi before we get to work.

“He loves being on set and being part of all the action.”

Hudson and Rex series five premiers on Alibi at 7pm on June 25.

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