House on sale for $1.89million is perfect for your inner goth

A gorgeous Victorian gothic mansion in Berkeley, California, has been put on the market for the price of $1.89million, and both the exterior and interiors are capturing everyone’s attention.

Not only does it have an entirely matte black exterior, the black marble decor and grey panelling inside also inspires thoughts of the kind of place you’d see in a gothic Victorian novel.

On the outside, a wide staircase leads up to the front door and porch, with a restored vintage trim and black gothic paint.

Users on Facebook commented that the home looks like it was directly displaced from the 1988 cult classic film Beetlejuice, by Tim Burton. It features a quirky home that sits on top of a hill and towers over everything else, but the only difference is the ‘Beetlejuice’ house is white.

One person said: ‘Reminds me of the house refurb in Beetlejuice.’

Another commented: ‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice… kind of vibe.’

The home inside is completely modernised, with new appliances and an open-plan design so the kitchen, living room, and dining room are in the same place.

The gothic exterior bleeds inside occasionally, as the kitchen is painted floor-to-ceiling in matte black and has a black marble kitchen island in the centre – perfect for a family breakfast.

Many of the rooms however are more neutral, with the bathrooms covered in white marble, and some of the bedrooms use florals and neutral tones in their decor.

However, a few of the bedrooms are also painted black, with large windows and plenty of light contrasting the darkness.

The living room also uses classy neutrals, with bohemian-style fixtures, while the dining room features a beautiful wooden table and an aquarium too.

The garden area includes a hot tub, decking, comfy chairs, and a sofa area so you can relax and enjoy the Californian heat during the summer with a glass of wine in hand.

So if you want to buy a somewhat creepy-looking house that is equally as gorgeous, both on the inside and outside, and you have $2 million to spare, then this may just be the home for you.

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