Home and Away spoilers see Marilyn horror discovery, Kahu bombshell and death

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Roo’s allergic reaction, Marilyn refuses to admit there was fault in her Stunning Organics products.

Roo is furious and even more so when Marilyn refuses to put out a simple warning.

When Roo demands Marilyn shut down her business, she refuses to back down.

Trying to protect the public from further harm, Alf recalls the Stunning Organics sunscreen from the surf club.

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Much to Marilyn's horror, John patrols the crowd with a megaphone and tells everybody not to use the sunscreen.

When Alf makes peace between the warring women, Roo offers to help Marilyn research into Stunning Organics' products.

But as they investigate further, it leads them down a dark path.

Marilyn is gutted when she learns the extent of Stunning Organics’ terrible corporate conduct.

Trawling through customer and salespeople’s reviews, they learn that the company has a shady history of exploiting workers and customers.

Taking charge, Marilyn decides to terminate her contract with Stunning Organics.

But Marilyn gets a taste of the company’s cruel conduct when they refuse to cancel her contract, revealing there is a one-year lock-in period.

Marilyn realises she is trapped – she signed on for 12 months with the corrupt company.

Seeking a lifeline, Marilyn consults a lawyer.

But they only clarify Marilyn's dilemma, telling her she either honours the contract or risks getting sued.

Alf advises Marilyn that if the company plays dirty, she should too.

Across the Bay, Justin believes that his trauma is incurable and gives up on counselling.

Leah fears the next time that Justin’s protective anger strikes and feels like living with Justin’s anger is a ticking time bomb.

When his first day of community service arrives and Cash is in charge, Justin is quickly singled out as the cop’s friend.

At community service, Justin struggles to keep a lid on his temper.

A young petty thief pushes Justin’s buttons when he tries to recruit him into stealing from their clean up job.

But Justin’s not having any of it.

Unbeknownst to Justin, a note is slipped into his backpack through the fence of the neighbouring house.

When Justin discovers the letter seemingly hand-written by a child, asking for food and help, he wonders whether it’s a prank.

New arrival Kahu continues making an impression with his all fun and no responsibility approach, which makes his TAFE studies a problem.

Eager to please Tane, Kahu agrees to do the course.

But it’s clear Kahu’s relaxed veneer is a front when he lies to his mum and says that he’s working on a successful fishing trawler.

Crying poor, Kahu asks Tane to loan him the $1500 TAFE course fees upfront.

Reflecting on Kahu’s reputation for fickleness, Tane suspects that he’s being taken for a ride.

Wanting to show her support for Tane’s family, Felicity convinces her husband to give Kahu a chance.

When Tane agrees to pay, Kahu assures him he won’t regret it.

Elsewhere, Xander is determined to quit the ambulance service, but Rose thinks he’s making a rash decision.

Despite his surgical stitches, he pushes through the pain and heads out for a surf.

Xander then pays the price for his premature adventure, wincing at the pain in his surgical wound.

Sensitive, Xander feels cornered when everyone keeps asking about his ‘next chapter’ and he realises he never thought beyond his resignation.

On the beach, Xander collapses in pain, clutching his side as Mali rushes to his side.

Meanwhile, with both of their families far away, Mali and Mackenzie find comfort as housemates.

After Mali’s successful Mantaray Boards launch, Mackenzie is his biggest supporter.

But when she gets the devastating call that Gabe has died, it’s Mack who needs supporting, and Mali steps up.

Elsewhere, Remi rounds up Lyrik to get them back in shape for their comeback tour, but his drill sergeant approach rubs them up the wrong way.

Eden struggles with seeing her song dedicated to Cash on the set list but this changes when she sees the reaction to it.

But Eden’s success with her song is a wake-up call for Kirby, whose songwriting has been stagnant.

After Eden realises how much people love her song, the band are clearly impressed too and Remi decides it’s time for Lyrik to record their first album.

Unable to shake the feeling that she’s been replaced, Kirby thinks deeply about her role in the band as before Eden’s song, she was the songwriter.

Despite Theo’s attempts at trying to inspire her, Kirby knows she’s hit a creative wall.

Since navigating their way back to physical intimacy, Remi and Bree can’t keep their hands off each other.

But their date night turns into a trip down Lyrik’s memory lane.

Desperate for some inspiration, Kirby asks her bandmates to share their secrets.

Reluctant to play along, Bree is put on the spot when she’s asked about her biggest secret.

Feeling exposed, Bree snaps and insists that her life is none of Lyrik’s business.

Unexpectedly, Bree’s outburst sets Kirby’s imagination alight.

Worried about leaving Bree alone while he goes on tour, Remi asks Cash to keep an eye on her.

Bree realises that her apprehension about Remi’s departure is triggering trauma from her long-distance abusive marriage.

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