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HOME Alone fans have been left gobsmacked after realising who plays the police officer at the beginning of the film.

The popular Christmas film became a huge fan favourite when it hit our screens back in 1990.

The movie follows a young boy called Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) who is left at his home in Chicago for the Christmas period after his family forget to take him to Paris.

Kevin gets up to all sorts while he's by himself, including protecting his pad from thieves.

And now some fans have realised that one of the crooks – Harry – is also the man who plays the copper during the film’s opening act.

It dawned on many that he wanted to use the info to help break into the lavish house.

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Expressing their disbelief on Twitter, one fan wrote: “How old were you when you found out the cop in the beginning of home alone is also the robber ??? because I found out about two minutes ago.”

Anther penned: “Hold on… the cop in the beginning of Home Alone is the robber at the end of the movie. WTF.”

A third said: “It's taken me 10+ years to realise the cop in home alone is secretly the robber.”

While a four added: 'Guys I just had my mind blown… I just figured out the cop at the beginning of Home Alone was the robber too…'

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Fortunately, the robbers get their just desserts as they are arrested and taken away at the end of the film.

It comes after Home Alone fans were left stunned after spotting the reason why the family forgot Kevin.

While others were surprised after learning how the young boy’s absence escaped the notice of his siblings.

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