Hollyoaks' Nancy and Darren Osborne to get passionate after affair reveal

Hollyoaks‘ Nancy Osborne will share an unexpected moment of passion with her husband Darren next week, after discovering the truth about his affair with Mandy Richardson.

Nancy (Jessica Fox) is about to be left devastated as she learns that her husband Darren has been cheating on her with their friend Mandy all year.

Although Nancy is adamant that she won’t be forgiving her unfaithful fella for his huge betrayal, Darren refuses to give up on her without a fight.

As Darren vows to save their marriage, Nancy stands firm in her decision to end it and even sits the children down to break the news to them.

A disgraced Darren is quick to take all the blame during the difficult conversation, but is given a glimmer of hope when he shares a tender moment with Nancy afterwards.

With emotions running high, comfort turns to passion for Darren and Nancy and they are soon kissing. But does this mean they will be able to salvage their love?

Sadly not, as it’s already been confirmed that the couple are heading for a long-term break-up and won’t be reuniting anytime soon.

Bryan Kirkwood recently told Digital Spy: “The aftermath is massive and ongoing when Nancy finds out. There’s a devastating scene, when Nancy and Darren sit down with Charlie, Oscar and Brooke to reveal that they’re breaking up. It absolutely broke me to see it as it’s really emotional, and I think it will chime with a lot of the audience at home.

“Nancy and Darren will be on very different paths for the time being, but their children are a reason for those characters to always feature in each other’s lives and each other’s stories.”

Hollyoaks airs on weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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