Hollyoaks’ Alfie Nightingale receives shocking news that rocks the family

In tonight’s first look Hollyoaks, poor Alfie Nightingale is seen suffering yet again as the voices in his head returns.

But he then gets a shock phone call from someone who surely could not be contacting him – but is this person real?

The voice in Alfie’s head is back after the recent events his family have been put through concern James.

Cindy is concerned that Alfie is having a relapse – but what can they do to help him?

Later, Alfie receives a phone call from someone who says he is Mac, the Nightingale patriarch, Yazz thinks he is hearing things.

Mac was believed to have locked in syndrome and be in hospital – so are the voices messing with Alfie even more?

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks High has its grand reopening, and Breda volunteers Peri and Harley to help Sally, to help seal the deal in their application to the school.

However, this is an application that Breda has written for Harley against her wishes, so an angry Harley reacts badly.

Has Harley’s bad attitude ruined her chances of being accepted before term even starts?

Also tonight, Maxine has been sending Glenn anonymous notes accusing him of being a murderer in an attempt to unnerve him.

The group of ladies intent on destroying him, which also includes Simone, Grace and Courtney, come up with a plan to expose Glenn during the re-opening in front of the mayor.

Later, the pressure seems to have got to him and Glenn confesses to killing Adam in front of Maxine, but he knows she is recording the conversation and turns on her.

She goes to hit Maxine but suddenly collapses – what will Maxine do?

Finally, Farrah is worried about Kim’s mental state after she was shot, as her girlfriend struggles with the fact that Glenn is free to wander Hollyoaks based on a lack of evidence.

Hollyoaks airs tonight at 7pm on E4.

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