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Hollyoaks airs more heartbreak for Cleo McQueen as she breaks up with Joel

Hollyoaks aired more heartbreaking scenes in Cleo McQueen’s bulimia story tonight (October 11) as she decided to cut ties with her fiancé Joel Dexter.

Cleo (Nadine Mulkerrin) is currently recovering in hospital after having a heart attack earlier this week, but her health took a turn for the worse in Thursday’s first-look episode.

Already feeling fragile following a tense conversation with Joel, Cleo was later rushed into emergency surgery after suffering an internal bleed.

To add to Cleo’s distress, Joel wasn’t there in her time of need as he was busy following through with his dark plan to visit her abuser Pete Buchanan in prison.

Still convinced that Pete is responsible for Cleo’s issues, Joel decided to confront him in his prison cell – wanting him to be aware of the damage he’d done.

However, Joel was left more furious than ever when Pete turned the tables and blamed him for Cleo’s illness – questioning why he hadn’t been able to stop it.

Unable to control his temper more evil comments from Pete, Joel subsequently subjected him to a shock attack, but his actions had huge repercussions when he returned to Cleo later.

As Cleo demanded to know where Joel had been all day, he was forced to confess that he’d been visiting Pete. Noticing his bruised knuckles, a horrified Cleo quickly realised what had happened and angrily berated Joel for going behind her back.

But as the situation intensified, Cleo pointed out that her illness had actually only started because of Joel’s romance with Sienna.

Joel was left devastated as Cleo tearfully explained that she couldn’t get better whilst they were together – insisting that their relationship was over.

Tonight’s sad twist sheds further light on why Joel is considering turning back to the priesthood next week, but is this really the end for him and Cleo?

Hollyoaks airs the special episode on Wednesday, October 8 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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