Holby City hints Zosia and Ollie reunion as she drops baby bombshell before exit

Holby City viewers had mixed emotions on Tuesday, as Zosia March left the BBC drama for the second time.

There was concern, as the pregnant character suffered a fall and required an emergency operation to save her unborn baby.

Ahead of the procedure, Jac Naylor did an ultrasound on her colleague, and it’s then that she dropped the news fans have been waiting for.

After remaining coy for months, following her return to the ward after working in America, Zosia finally confirmed the paternity of her unborn baby.

She revealed that ex Ollie Valentine, who left the show himself last year, was the father of her baby.

Fans were super pleased with the news, holding on to the hope that they might get back together.

The pair split when she headed off to work in the US, but with her returning and now carrying his child, fans begged the show to bring them back together.

They might have had their wishes granted too, with the ending seeing Zosia make her exit from the show one more time.

But as she headed out of the hospital, having just hinted to Jac she wouldn’t tell Ollie the truth, she rang him needing to speak with him.

Viewers took this to suggest the pair were going to finally reunite, and they couldn’t be happier.

One fan said on Twitter : “I expect us to get a photo of Zosia's baby, or a face time from Ollie and Zosia for the staff showing the baby, or even a visit PLEASE I BEGGGG!!!”

Another simply said: “ZOSIA IS GOING BACK TO OLLIE.”

A third tweeted: “So in about three months I expect photo evidence from Dom that Zosia and Ollie have had their baby boy and named it Arthur? Sound? Okay sound.”

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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