Grace and Frankie crew detail emotional final scenes for A-list cast ‘Broke down crying’

Grace and Frankie: Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda star in trailer

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Netflix’s hit comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin has come to its heartfelt conclusion with a suitably witty and tear-jerking final season. Although the two Hollywood legends will be back on screens again before long, Luke Miller has confirmed to that the final days of Grace and Frankie were full of tears.

The key crew member for the highly successful senior comedy Grace and Frankie has opened up about the emotional final days for the main cast.

Beginning in 2015, the series stars Jane and Lily as the eponymous friends who discover their husbands, Robert (played by Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) are having an affair.

After releasing just the first four episodes of the seventh and final season last year, fans were finally given the rest of the story at the end of April this year.

Luke revealed filming for season seven was staggered so the main cast didn’t all have to say goodbye at once when the dreaded last days arrived.

“It was kind of gradual,” he recalled. “The producers scheduled it really smartly where we sort of wrapped up the supporting cast a little bit earlier.

“Then we had the last scenes with June [Diane Raphael] and Brooklyn [Decker] and Ethan [Embry] and Baron [Vaughn], sort of getting really close to the end.”

In the final episodes, Frankie insists on hosting a fake funeral after she receives a psychic premonition revealing the date of her death.

Almost the entire supporting cast shows up to pay their respects before the series moves on to fitting farewells for Grace and Frankie’s legendary main stars.

“Then I think the second to last day or so, towards the very end, was Martin and Sam’s last day,” Luke continued.

“It was a wonderful, beautiful scene between their characters, and it was also their last scene.

“And they gave these wonderful, heartfelt speeches about how much they enjoyed the show. All this personal stuff.”

After saying goodbye to the show’s male leads, it soon came time to shoot Jane and Lily’s last ever scenes as two of their most iconic characters.

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Filming for Grace and Frankie’s last moment in the beach house brought the production to an end, and there wasn’t a dry eye on set when the cameras stopped rolling.

Luke went on: “And then the very last day, the very last scene was Jane and Lily alone in the artist studio, Frankie’s studio.

“And so I thought that was a beautiful way to end. The last day of any production is always a little bit long so it was getting kind of late.

“They were approaching that last scene with the same tenacity that they approached every scene of the whole series. They were really into it and really serious.

“And then it was over, and I think the whole stage broke down crying. Everyone, Jane and Lily gave these fantastic farewell speeches.”

“The showrunners had bought them some beautiful framed art from the series. It was such a nice way to end. Of course, I never wanted it to end, and a lot of people felt that way.”

Jane and Lily could have easily continued for more adventures for several more seasons to come but, bittersweet as it was, Luke thought the end of season seven was a fitting conclusion.

“This was probably an okay time for the show to come to an end, but everyone… it’s a little bit like a heartbreak,” he admitted.

Thankfully, it won’t be long before the two Hollywood legends are back on screens together, as they already have two feature films in the pipeline set for release in the next year or so.

Grace and Frankie seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Netflix.

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