Gory Ratched breaks Netflix records as most-watched new series of 2020 – but will there be a season 2?

NETFLIX's Ratched has broken records as the the streaming platform's most-watched series of 2020.

The prequel to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was streamed by a staggering 48 million households within the first 28 days of its release.

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Despite hitting the streaming platform on September 18, Ratched claimed the top spot for September 14-September 20, despite not being available for the full week.

The show was watched for an incredible 972 million minutes by the end of that week.

The all-time Netflix debut record is held by The Witcher, which could the streaming service by storm when it arrived in December 2019 and was watched by 76 million households.

Ratched was commissioned for two seasons back on 2017, so fans will get another dose of Nurse Mildred (Sarah Paulson) and co in the future.

Sarah told Variety last month that little is known about the show's second series.

"Nobody knows anything about season 2 because Ryan, with the number of things he has going on, who's to know when that's all going to begin? And you throw in the pandemic and then we think well who knows?"

The series tells the origin story of Mildred Ratched and her arrival in 1947 at a leading psychiatric hospital where new and unsettling experiments on the human mind have begun.

The epitome of the perfect nurse on the outside, internally, a darkness begins to manifest inside Nurse Ratched, leading to the monster she becomes in the original 1962 novel by Ken Kesey.

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The series also stars Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone and Charlie Carver and they have opened up about Sarah's portrayal of the twisted nurse.

Cynthia, 54, told The Sun's TV Mag: "What we see in Sarah’s performance is somebody who has had horrific things happen to her. Somebody with less strength may not have made it.

"What her Nurse Ratched is able to do is to take these terrible traumas that happened to her, compartmentalize them and keep moving forward.

"So she can be ruthless, but she can also be shy and fragile. She can be incredibly sexually aggressive, or she can be very frightened when someone just touches her hand.

"I think that's what we do if we want to survive."

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