GMB’s Richard Madeley slammed for ‘disgrace of an interview’ with New York fire survivor

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley has been slammed for the questions he asked a young woman who survived a New York apartment fire.

The incident occurred yesterday, Sunday 9 January, leaving 19 people dead, including nine children.

A further 13 people are said to be in critical condition in hospital as a result of the fire, which is thought to have been started by an electric heater.

As the flames ripped through the New York apartment block, witnesses saw people jumping out the building to escape.

One person to have survived the ordeal is Winter Thomas, 20, who spoke to Richard and Susanna Reid on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Monday 10 January.

Winter recalled the harrowing scenes, and was asked a series of questions by Richard many of which GMB viewers branded as “inappropriate”.

She told the show hosts: “I was sleeping and my little sister came in the room and she was screaming for me to help her, and I didn’t know what to do so I jumped up out (of bed) and I looked out the window and as soon as I turned my head to the window, there were flames.”

“The first thing I insisted on doing was making sure my mum and my siblings were okay,” Winter continued.

The young woman went on to detail the dead bodies she saw surrounding the building once she’d finally escaped, including one of her childhood friends.

Winter said: "I've never seen so many dead bodies in my life. I saw dead people and kids lying dead on the floor.”

Richard then proceeded to ask Winter a series of questions, including what “the worst part” of the ordeal was, how she felt about her close run-in with death, and how Winter would "manage" after witnessing the tragic scenes.

He also suggested that those who jumped out the window "wouldn't stand a chance".

Viewers also slammed Susanna for asking the survivor for “too much detail”, when she was very obviously shaken up.

People have since taken to Twitter to criticise the interview.

One person wrote: “What a disgrace of an interview. To survive the disaster of the fire then forced to relive the nightmare as you throw harrowing questions at her hours after the experience. Wow! Anything to make the headlines @GMB that was low! Where’s the compassion and support? Sickening!”

Someone else said: “What is Richard Madeley thinking of questioning that poor girl. He should be ashamed of himself. Asking the girl "What was the worse part of the fire" The poor girl has gone through enough after seeing friends jump to their deaths.”

A third echoed similar sentiments saying: “Seedy journalism was just for the paper at one point now madley brings it to our screens. Disgusting.”

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