GMB viewers concerned for Kyiv reporter’s safety after seeking cover whilst live

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ITV’s Good Morning Britain has come under fire from viewers as their chief correspondent Richard Gaisford reported live from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were presenting the show when they cut to their colleague Richard reporting on the current conflict situation.

On location in the capital, Richard began to discuss the ongoing conflict with his colleagues.

He began solemnly: “As we talk, the air raid sirens are going off here in Kyiv. It’s becoming something of a regular pattern now, just letting the population know that there is a threat.”

“[Telling them] to take shelter where they can, if necessary, and to obviously make an assessment for themselves and their own security,” he continued to inform as the sirens rang eerily in the background.

Kate Garraway looked concerned as she asked Richard about his own safety: “Richard, when we hear those air raid sirens, I know our viewers worry for you. Are you safe? Should you be running to take shelter? What precautions have you taken?”

Richard then went on to explain that they had taken a “number of precautions” although he didn’t want to “go too deeply into them”.

Whilst live on air, Richard was passed a blue hard hat which he called “personal protective equipment” and reassured Kate that the team have vests, “should the need arise”.

As he explained their situation, the air raid siren was once again set off behind him.

Gaisford began to fumble his words and appeared nervous as he explained that it’s a “tricky time for many” civilians who still reside in the city and are unable to obtain such equipment.

Attempting to gain composure, the reporter noted that he could see people walking their dogs on the street below him “trying to lead normal lives” as he looked out over Kyiv.

“We’re going to let you get to safety,” interrupted an uneasy Garraway as a clearly worried Gaisford began to stumble over his words.

After seeing Richard rush to don his safety equipment, many viewers took to social media to express their concerns for the correspondent.

One distressed viewer wrote: “Come on Good Morning Britain. No-one wants to see Richard and the crew get hurt for the sake of a report. Surely there’s a safer location to report from than high up on a bombing target?”

Others tweeted that they wanted Gaisford to “get out of there” because he “looked scared”, while some questioned why he needed to be in the war zone at all.

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