‘Glass Onion’ Cracks Netflix’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Movies After 10 Days

Rian Johnson’s “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” has managed to crack the all-time Top 10 most-viewed movies on Netflix after just 10 days of being on the streamer.

Since it launched on December 23, the mystery and comedy film has been watched for 209.40 million hours, including 127.25 million for the week beginning on Dec. 26, which put it at the top of the English Films List globally. Netflix also says that also translates to roughly 90 million households watching “Glass Onion” in its first 10 days, and that of course does not include the crowd that saw it when it played in theaters for one week over Thanksgiving.

So kiss goodbye to “The Kissing Booth,” which “Glass Onion” will bump out of the #10 all-time slot this week after passing its 209.2 million viewing hours within that film’s first 28 days. And because Netflix ranks their movies based on their first month (28 days) of performance, “Glass Onion” is in good shape to climb higher on the all-time films list.

However, it might fall short of both the Dwayne Johnson action film “Red Notice” (364.02 million) and Adam McKay’s satire “Don’t Look Up” (359.79 million), both of which are currently the Top 2 ranked films, as Netflix says “Glass Onion” is still pacing behind both of those movies after the streamer’s first 10 days of release.

Given that Netflix spent $450 million for the rights to both “Glass Onion” and a third film from Johnson in the franchise, one could argue that hitting anything less than #1 could be a letdown. But then the film also brought in an estimated $15 million in its one week in theaters (Netflix doesn’t disclose box office receipts), which would easily make it the most successful Netflix movie in theaters, including ahead of “Red Notice” and 2022’s other pricy blockbuster “The Gray Man.” It almost certainly left money on the table as well, and as it would happen, Johnson himself is pushing to get “Glass Onion” back into theaters.

As an added bonus, though, the original “Knives Out” (Lionsgate) from 2019 is still the #3 English language movie in the world this week and was watched for 16.76 million hours.

“Glass Onion” has Daniel Craig reprising his role as detective Benoit Blanc, and the film stars Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom Jr.

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