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Girlfriend of ‘demon’ alcoholic reveals he drinks 4 bottles of vodka a day

The girlfriend of an alcoholic revealed that her brother drinks four bottles of vodka a day and branded him a "demon".

Donna also admitted that Antony had "urinated all over her house" during one of his drinking sprees – but forgot all about what he had done the day after.

"I don’t know how to help him," Donna said crying.

Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show to try and get him help, Donna also claimed that his family and friends were enabling his behaviour – claiming that his sister had bought him 17 Sambucas during a night out.

However his mum insisted that Donna was to blame because she bought him bottles of vodka.

Meeting Jeremy, Antony turned on his girlfriend – something Jeremy did not appreciate.

"You are a manipulative, devious liar," he pointed out. "Go and look in the mirror if you want to look at losing dignity."

Antony’s dad died of alcoholism and Jeremy warned that he could meet the same fate.

Despite host Jeremy saying that he had been playing his family against one another and that he didn’t buy it, Antony agreed to go to rehab.

Hugging his tearful mother, he said: "Sorry mum, it will be alright."

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The show then revealed an update as Antony returned to the studio two months later after staying at residential rehab.

Antony looked like a different person as he walked out, having not touched a drop of alcohol in 63 days. He also revealed that he had got a job.

And fans couldn’t believe it.

One tweeted: "F***ing hell!! That’s amazing, he looks like a different man #Jezza #JeremyKyle."

While another commented: " That bloke looks so good after 62 days off the booze. #JeremyKyle."

*Jeremy Kyle airs weekdays at 9.25am on ITV

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