‘Get him back now!’ GB News host slammed for ‘cutting off’ ex UKIP leader in refuge row

Freedom Day: GB News hosts outline new rules

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The Great British Breakfast hosts Nana Akua and Rosie Wright spoke to former UKIP leader Henry Bolton on today’s show about the landmark reforms in the Nationality and Borders Bill. However, Wright came under fire from GB News viewers for abruptly bringing the interview to a close while Bolton was concluding his point. 

Priti Patel’s bill will make it harder for those who enter the UK illegally to stay.

Bolton explained why he was in favour of the reforms and argued that some people entering the UK as refugees are instead economic migrants.

Wright hit back at Bolton and stated that opposers of the bill want to make the UK a “safe” place for migrants. 

However, when Bolton attempted to reply, Wright said: “I’m sorry I’m going to have to stop you there, that’s all we have time for. 

GB News viewers weren’t impressed with the abrupt end to the interview and took to Twitter to comment. 

One wrote: “I am outraged! Get Henry Bolton back on and let him make his point. @afneilshow some leadership and make these woke women get Henry back on in the next 10 minutes. #gbnews.”

“That was disappointing #gbnews for cutting him off. I was actually learning some truths and you dismissed him by ending the interview for absolutely no reason,” another tweeted. 

“@GBNEWS Noticed how you soon came off the immigration story when the truth was told. Not as free-thinking as you claim you are, just going like other news channels,” a third accused. 

Someone else asked: “Henry Bolton talking sense on #GBNews and then getting shut down before he makes his point….is this channel any different from the rest???”

“@GBNEWS you really need to get the timings better for guests. You always seem to run out of time and cut a guest off abruptly,” a fifth vented. 

Another shared: @GBNEWS finally you have something on your show that’s worth talking about and you cut him short. Gb News please sort your priorities out. We don’t care about most of the stuff you waffle on about.”

More to follow…

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