'General Hospital' Weekly Recap: The Key To Nina's Case Is [Spoiler]

General Hospital is making Nina’s case for fraud take center stage. It’s really not fair that the woman has to potentially go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit. But, it’s not like Carly is phased. After all, she’s still not over the whole “Nixon Falls” incident. (And who can blame her, really?) But as the trial gets underway, there’s a clue to Nina’s freedom. And you won’t believe where it comes from.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for this week’s General Hospital episodes are ahead.]

This week’s ‘General Hospital’ featured a real nightmare before Christmas for Nina

Back in October, Nina was arrested on some trumped-up fraud charges. It’s still not clear who brought those charges against Nina, or for what purpose. But what is known is that she’s about to finally answer for these charges.

This, in turn, shows a huge moral quandary that General Hospital plays to great effect. On one hand, Nina really wasn’t a good person in keeping the truth of Sonny hidden from the rest of Port Charles. (And, certainly, Carly had her fair share of words for her.) On the other, she doesn’t deserve to go down for a crime she didn’t commit.

Nina’s preliminary hearing kicked off on the Monday, December 20 episode of the show. And on the Thursday, December 23 episode of the show, Nina’s trial got underway. But because of the holiday, things ended with a cliffhanger.

Sonny and Carly tried to create a ‘family’ atmosphere for the holidays

The Wednesday, December 22 episode of General Hospital featured Sonny and Carly trying to create “special holiday memories” for their family. The stench of Nina, however, still hung in the air. (You know, Carly, it just might be good to let this whole thing with Sonny go, at least for now.) It was a typical Corinthos family Christmas, but you just know there’s nothing but drama up ahead.

After all, across town, Laura and Cyrus are getting into it because somebody is trying to kill Laura. She, of course, thinks it’s Cyrus. Cyrus swears it isn’t him. But if it isn’t him, who could it be?

But the clue to Nina’s freedom is in Willow

On the Wednesday, December 22 episode of General Hospital, no less of an authority than Obrecht revealed that Willow was the key to Nina’s freedom. And, Soaps.com reports that Willow will, indeed, testify — whether she likes it or not.

“Liesl thinks about telling Scott that Nina and Sonny were in love and guesses Willow knows,” reports the outlet. “When he shows up at the door, she drags her “sweet Linzer torte” into the hallway. She tells him she’s discovered that Willow knows about what happened in Nixon Falls. He’s not sure how he could get her on the stand or that it’s worth the risk. If she gets on the stand and lies, it will be worse for Nina.”

It definitely looks like Willow is going to take the stand during next week’s episodes of General Hospital. The question is, how much of Sonny and Nina’s tea is she going to spill?

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