Gangs of London 2 star believes it’s ‘most dangerous show on TV’

Gangs of London: Season two trailer from Sky

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Gangs of London returned to Sky on Thursday and the director Corin Hardy has opened up on what was required to shoot the gory first episode. He explained his approach to the violent scenes which see Elliot Finch (played by Sope Dirisu) attempt to escape from Turkey alive.

The second instalment of Sky’s gritty version of a London divided by a diverse mix of criminals is back and launched with plenty of blood and thunder.

Corin Hardy has taken over directing duties from Gareth Evans and told and other press what it took to shoot the first episode.

When asked how many pints of fake blood they got through, he revealed: “I honestly wish I had that number at my fingertips, but a lot of gallons.

“But, it was not too much actually compared to what comes later. Oh yeah.”

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The first episode picks up a year after the death of Sean Wallace (Joe Cole) and viewers see Elliot fighting for his life, now under the control of the investors.

Eliot battles through a laundrette, with Corin remarking how he shot the scenes by “bringing the camera through almost like this alley of death”.

On his overall approach to the second season, he added: “I wanted a way of introducing our lead character, kind of on the job.

“A little bit like you’d get in a James Bond movie where you catch up with him at the end of a mission and treat it as a way to sort of meet the character but also show his character.

“He isn’t just some sort of slick assassin and he’s obviously very capable. We know that, but I wanted to make sure it reflected that he’s kind of operating pretty messily.”

Corin also described his wish to make the show an intense experience for the viewer this year.

He explained: “I want Gangs of London to be the most dangerous show on television. You shouldn’t sit there and be comfortable, if that makes sense.”

He added: “I mean, you want it to be an escapist, thrilling, fun ride to watch but if you start to get to know what’s going to happen and predict it, it’s not that show.

“I think there’s some shows that do it really well you know, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or something where if you ever get comfortable something will change that.”

In the final episode of Gangs of London in 2020, Elliot left gang leader Sean for dead in typically shocking scenes.

This season continues in the same vein, with a dark and gloomy London portrayed to the backdrop of all the violence.

Director of the Welsh BAFTA award season one said: “We didn’t want to make something that felt social-realist, it’s not real-life crime as that’s been done already.

“We wanted to set it in a more heightened version of London.

“Let’s do away with the landmarks, we don’t want it to feel like the London we would know.”

The new season reintroduces viewers to many of the flawed characters who helped make 16 million people watch the drama.

Luan Dushaj (Orli Shuka), Ed Dumani (Lucian Msamati), Alexander Dumani (Paapa Essiedu) and Marian Wallace (Michelle Fairley) all return to cause mayhem in the capital city.

However, the new offering also introduces fans to the psychotic new gang leader called Koba (Waleed Zuaiter) who is sent to keep Asif Afridi’s (Asif Raza Mir) troops in order.

Gangs of London season two is available to stream on Sky and available weekly on NOW TV from Thursday, October 20.

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