Game of Thrones' penultimate episode gets WORST rating in show's history as fans slam Daenerys' plot twist

GAME Of Thrones' penultimate episode has picked up its worst-ever rating – with many fans furious over a plot twist that saw Daenerys Targaryen turn evil.

The show favourite went on a murderous rampage around King's Landing despite the city surrendering, with one viewer tweeting: "Well that was f***ing terrible."

Rating site Rotten Tomatoes was today giving the episode, titled The Bells, a 49 per cent rating – the lowest-rated in the show's history.

It comfortably takes the bottom spot on the service, with series five's Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken, getting the second-lowest score at 54 per cent.

Viewers who have been shocked to see Daenerys become the "Mad Queen" have been making their feelings very clear on Twitter.

One slammed the episode as "disappointing" saying: "The writing behind Daenerys’ actions felt sexist and nonsensical."

Another complained that it wasn't up to the standard of previous series, insisting there had been "a lot of character development thrown out the window".

A third simply asked: "Remember when game of thrones had good writing?"

One other called the show's eighth series "the biggest choke job of all time" insisting: "The story is dumb."

A fifth grumped: "What is the meaning of this rubbish."

Perhaps the most savage reaction reached for the tried-and-tested meme of Will from the Inbetweeners sighing: "Well that was f***ing terrible."

Above it, a fan wrote: "Think we should all start a GoFundMe to remake the entire last season of #GameOfThrones with new writers because this has been terrible."

Well, you can't accuse viewers of the series of mincing their words.

The big finale to the entire show will air in the early hours of Monday morning the UK.

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