Fiz is touched by tearful Vera Duckworth gesture on her wedding day in Corrie

As Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Phill (Jamie Kenna) prepare to get married on Coronation Street, there’s a beautiful reminder of the past as Tyrone (Alan Halsall) gives a gift to the bride-to-be.

It’s a pair of vintage earrings that once belonged to Vera Duckworth.

Vera (Liz Dawn), who died in 2008, was one half of the iconic Duckworth couple with her husband Jack (Bill Tarmey). Theirs was a relationship that was full of love but also lots of hot-tempered arguments as well as classic comedy scenes. They were one of the most beloved couples the Street has ever had.

The striking appearance of number 9 Coronation Street is one of Vera’s lasting legacies, as she was the one who decided to have the garish stone cladding that makes it look completely different from the rest of the street.

Tyrone was like a son to the Duckworths and they sold the house to him when they planned to retire to Blackpool. After Vera’s death, Jack chose to stay with Tyrone as a lodger.

As a couple, Fiz and Tyrone were often compared to Jack and Vera, and Alan Halsall has said, ’I shy away from the comparisons because for me they’re on a pedestal up above us all, but it’s nice to be compared.’

We know that Tyrone still loves Fiz and has never given up hope of them getting back together, but as she prepares to walk down the aisle with Phill it seems his moment has passed. So it’s a beautiful gesture to give her something that belonged to Vera and holds precious memories.

Fiz knows exactly what the gift means for Tyrone and is moved to tears in a poignant scene that will have you reaching for the tissues – and that’s before the wedding even begins.

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